Drinking Pure water is one of the most important things that makes our life healthy and happy. In this post, I am going to list down the best water purifiers under Rs 5000 that you can buy right now at Amazon or Flipkart.

Due to the unreasonable use of pesticides, Detergents, Fertilizers and insecticides by humans, the ground water is getting hard every day. Typically, the municipality water or public supply water is already treated and is not hard. Since the water travels through the Overhead tanks and pipes, there will be a lot of virus and bacterium. So, you need to employ a water purifier at your home to get the safe drinking water.

Note: If you are not sure about the TDS levels in the water or your water source is hard, you have to install an RO water purifier at your Home. Please note that only a Reverse Osmosis water purifier is capable of removing the dissolved salts present in the water.

Best water purifiers under Rs 5000

For now, I am listing the best UV, UF, and Gravity based water purifiers in India that are priced under Rs 5000. Please note that water purifier is a one-time investment, and you have to pick an ideal water purifier that meets your drinking water needs.

1. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent is a water purifier brand that doesn’t need any introduction. The Kent Ultra UV water purifier is one of the best selling water purifiers in India. The water purifier comes with 3-Stage purification process that includes Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and the 11W Ultraviolet Bulb.

In the first stage, the Sediment filter removes all the suspended dust and sand particles from the water. The Activated carbon filter in the next step makes sure that the water is free from chlorine and other chemicals thereby enhancing the taste and odor of the water. In the Last stage, the 11W Ultraviolet Water Purifier Kills all the bacteria and virus present in the water. Also, there is a UV alarm that notifies you if the UV lamp stops functioning.

There is no storage tank with the Kent Ultra UV, and the water purifier requires electricity to operate. So, If your water source is soft, don’t waste your money on an expensive RO water purifier.


2. Whirlpool Destroyer 6-Litre Water Purifier

Whirlpool destroyer

Whirlpool is one of the most renowned brands in the world and now they have come up with a non-electric water purifier with EAT technology. Whirlpool Destroyer can store up to 6 liters of purified drinking water, and the water purifier can be easily installed by yourself.

The best thing about the Whirlpool Destroyer is, it can work with water having TDS levels up to 500ppm. The Whirlpool Water Purifier Employs 5-stage water purification that includes a Pre-filter, Mechanical filter, and EAT filter. The EAT (Electro Adsorption Technology) filter is capable of removing the bacteria, Virus, and cysts present in the water and the life of the EAT filter is 2200 liters.

There will be no water wastage with the Whirlpool Destroyer and electricity is not required for water purification. The Whirlpool Destroyer is an ideal choice of water purifier for a small family.


3. Kent Smart 7-Litre Non-Electric Online UF

Kent Smart 7-Litre Non-Electric Online UF Purifier

Kent Smart online UF works without electricity and the water purifier is based on Ultrafiltration technology. The UF technology is very similar to Ro technology, but the membranes of the UF filter are not sufficient in removing the dissolved salts.

The Kent Smart UF water purifier can store up to 7 liters of safe drinking water. Coming to the design, the Kent smart is made of food Safe and non-breakable plastic material and the water purifier can be mounted on the kitchen wall. The storage tank can be easily detached and easy to clean. Also, Kent Smart Online UF is Fully Automatic and also Leak Proof.

Kent employed a very fine 0.1 Micron Sized UF membrane that not only kills the cysts, bacterium, and virus but also removes their dead bodies from the water. Along with One-Year warranty, a free installation will be provided by the manufacturer.


4. HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre Water Purifier

Pureit gravity

The 23-Litre Gravity Based water purifier from Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the best-selling Gravity Based water purifiers in India that is priced at Rs 5000. Even though the title suggests 23-litre, the Hul pureit WPWL100 can not actually store 23 liters on drinking water. The Pureit Classic has a storage tank that can store 5-7 liters of purified drinking water which is suitable for a small family.

No matter HUL, Kent or Tata Swach, A gravity based water purifier is not as effective as Ro or UV water purifier. You can opt for a Gravity Based non-electric water purifier only when you are sure about the TDS levels in the water, and the water is free from Hard metals.

You have to fill the water manually everyday, and the purification process is not very fast.But, the Pureit Classic WPWL100 can deliver drinking water that is reliable than the boiled water.

Talking about the design, the Pureit Classic 23 liter Gravity Based water purifier is made of ABS plastic, and there will be no water leakage if the water purifier is installed correctly. The Activated Carbon filter in the water purifier can remove bacterium present in the water. Also, there is a Germkill Indicator that Alerts you if there is a need to change the filter.


5. Tata Swach NonElectric Cristella Plus 18-Litre

Tata swach gravity

Another, Gravity Based water purifier in the list. The Tata Swach NonElectric Cristella Plus is a non-electric water purifier that employs nano silver technology to remove bacteria and virus present in the water. The water purifier can store up to 9 liters of drinking water, and the life of the cartridge is 3000 liters.

The construction of the water purifier is also good, and there is two-way dispenser Tap for collecting the water. Since There is a water level indicator, you can find the availability of drinking water. The Tata Swach NonElectric Cristella Plus comes with 6 Months warranty, and you can buy the water purifier at Amazon.


Some Tips for you

  • Make sure you keep the surrounding of the water purifier very clean, or cockroaches will build their empire under the water purifier.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the UV, UF, and Gravity Based water purifiers work only with Soft water that contains low TDS levels.
  • Also, Do not buy cheap and conventional RO water purifiers that completely removes the dissolved salts and Natural minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water.

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These are some of the best water purifiers under Rs 5000 in India. If you have any queries regarding water purifier selection, post them in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to answer them.


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