We live in a world where everything from food to Air and Water is polluted. Drinking pure Water is one of the essential things to lead a healthy life.

So, Inorder to get the safe water, people often buy Water Purifiers. Gone are those days where you visit a Retail shop and purchase a product and ship it back to your home on your Own.

Now, you can buy the Best Water Purifiers Online at Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers are considered as the most efficient and reliable water purifiers which can also purify the water with High TDS levels.

Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, and Ultra Filtration are the three most common water purification systems that are available for the consumers.

In this post, I am going to talk about the Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier and the pros and cons of it.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier?

A Reverse Osmosis Based Water Purifier Does not use any Compounds or Light to Purify the Water. The RO Purifier uses a Very Fine membrane up to a few microns to purify the water by hindering the impurities to pass through the membrane.

The Membrane in a Reverse Osmosis Purifier is what makes the RO Purifier Stand Out in the Crowd and makes it the Best Water Purifier for Home Purpose. The Membrane present in the RO Purifier can also remove the Dissolved Salts in the Water, which is not possible in other types of water purifiers.

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The RO Membrane is capable of removing impurities like Dust and Mud from the water.

All the Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, toxic antibodies, fluorides and Dissolved Salts like Arsenic, lead, iron and cadmium are removed from the Water.

If you live in an Area where the TDS levels in the water are high, you must consider buying an RO Water Purifier.

The Dissolved Salts like Arsenic, Lead are more Dangerous than the Bacteria and Dust. These are the Heavy Metals which Doesn’t show an immediate effect, rather they act like a slow poison and affect your health in the long term and can cause severe health issues like cancer and nerve damage.

Children are most affected than the adults by the TDS present in the water.

The Heavy Metals I have mentioned above have 5 Times more Gravity than that of the Water.

  • Arsenic – 5.7 grams per cubic cm
  • Mercury – 13.546 grams per cubic cm
  • Cadmium – 8.65 grams per cubic cm
  • Lead – 11.34 grams per cubic cm

As I mentioned earlier, these Dissolved Poisonous Salts can be removed only by the RO Water Purifiers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Gives the Safest Drinking Water even with the Water that has High TDS levels.

Please note that a Normal RO water Purifier can not clean the Water that has TDS levels in Thousands.

Types of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

In India, they are two kinds of RO purifiers available for the Home Purposes.

  • Undersink RO Purifier
  • Wall Mounted Ro Purifier

Both the Undersink and Wall Mounted RO Purifiers have a Storage Tank that stores the Purified Water. Even though there is a Power Outage, the water stored in the tank will be available for use.

Under sink Ro Water purifier

Wall Mounted Reverse Osmosis Purifier in India

The Wall Mount RO purifier is the most widely used purifier in India which commonly have a storage capacity of 5 liters.

The Only Problem with the RO water purifiers is, there is a lot of water wastage. So, you have to use the Dirty water in a proper way; to clean the house and mopping purposes.

Undersink RO Water Purifiers

The Undersink RO Purifiers are gaining a lot of popularity since they can be easily fitted under the Kitchen sink.

The Pure Water Outlet Tap is fixed next to your Kitchen Tap and will be very easy to operate.

These type of Ro Purifiers are fitted with the Air Pressurized RO Water storage containers that have a storage capacity of 5 liters.

These Purifiers are often referred as Under the Counter, Kitchen Sink Water Purifiers.

The Undersink RO Purifiers are acknowledged as the Best Water Purifiers for Home Purpose since the are Kept under your Kitchen Sink and doesn’t occupy much space.

The Pure Water comes from the Tap that will be fitted next to your kitchen sink tap.

As I mentioned earlier, the waste water can be used for Outdoor purposes. You can also use the water for Gardening.

The Undersink Water Purifier is more suited than the Wall Mount Ro Purifier. Since the under sink RO Purifier has a pressurized tank, the pure water comes out with more force.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The RO Water Purifier Not only kills the Viruses and Bacteria but also removes their Dead Bodies from the water which is not possible in UV water purifiers.

Removes the Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Lead and the Dissolved Salts from the Water.

Much better than the UV Water Purifier.

Compact and Easy to Maintain, operate.

Disadvantages of RO Purifier

Requires High Pressure and the Water is wasted in Reject Stream.

If you input 3 liters of Water into RO Purifier, you will get only one liter of
pure water.

Two liters of water that contain all the impurities will be wasted. (you can use this water for Mopping, Gardening, and Outdoor purposes)

The Reject Water can be collected in a Bucket by placing the Drain tube in it.

Requires Electricity to operate.

The Quantity of the Reject Water is the same as the Quantity of Pure Water you get. About 50% of the Water processed through the Ro Water Purifier is Rejected.

The Advantages of the RO Water Purifier Outdoes the Cons of it. The above disadvantages are very minor when compared to the Advantages of RO Water purifier.

Now, you Know everything about the Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. All you have to do is pick the Right RO Purifier that suits your needs. If you have any Queries Regarding Water Purifiers, Post them in the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to answer them.


  1. Hi Chaitanya, Are there any water purifiers which purifies water based on the water quality.Like If the water is from municipality and with low TDS normally it doesn’t need an RO purification and if the water is from borewell with high TDS, purifirer uses RO. I did check out in Aquaguard which has one model DR. Aquagaurd Genus +. Basically an Intelligent water purifier. Reason behind this question is currently i’m getting a muncipality water..UV/UL purifier should do. Since there are no rains and there is a talk that water could be rationed in future, so if at all we have to use borewell ortanker water

    • Aquaguard Genus is one of the best RO water purifiers. Most of the RO water purifiers from Kent, Pureit and Aquaguard comes with a TDS Controller or Mineralizer. So, No Minerals will be lost during the purification process. So, No matter the water source (Borewell, Municipality Tanker, Tap Water or river water), these water purifiers are suitable. I have mentioned all the Top RO Models on this site. Just visit the Homepage and browse through the posts to find the suitable model.

  2. i am getting supply water and not sure of tds level i am confused while buying ro any health hazzard using RO if TDS level is low

    • You can use an RO water purifier even if the TDS levels in your water are low. But, make sure you buy an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS Controller or Mineralizer, so the vital minerals will not be washed away. Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard and Livepure Ro water purifiers come with TDS controller. Have a look at the posts in this site to find the right water purifier.

  3. Thanks for the informative article. Is there any disadvantage using RO purifier for river water. I am not sure of the Tds level of this municipility suppy water. I want install Uv +RO.

    • Always buy an RO water purifier form reputed brands like Kent, Aquaguard, or Pureit. No matter the TDS levels, these branded water purifiers comes with a TDS controller that maintains the natural minerals in the water and removes the dangerous hard metals and salts.

    • No, Rain water also have the same TDS levels. But Mineral Deficiency in the water is bad. Some non-branded RO water purifiers remove all the salts in the water which is not good for health.

      So, Always buy an RO from a reputed brand that can retain the natural minerals in the water.


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