Drinking purified Water is one of most essential things that keeps us healthy. In this post, I am going to provide the list of Best Water Purifier in India for 2017. Everything from food to Air and Water is affected by pollution. Say thanks to Water Purifiers, Now we can Drink safe water by installing a water purifier at our Home.

Before selecting the best water purifier, have a look at the difference between the water purification technologies. I have also listed the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) about the water purifiers below. If you have any queries regarding water purifier selection, post them in the comments section, and I’ll answer ASAP.

Best Water Purifier in India 2017

1. HUL Pureit 6 Litres Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

The 6 Litre HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO + UV Water Purifier is the Best Selling RO UV Water purifier in 2017. The Storage capacity of the Pureit Mineral Classic is 6 liters, and the RO + UV water purifier is an ideal choice for Small and medium sized families. The RO Membrane in this water purifier can remove Hard Metals and Dangerous salts from water that contain TDS levels as high as 1800ppm.

The Weight of the Pureit Classic is Just 7.3 Kg and can be easily mounted on your kitchen wall. The Budget RO UV Water purifier is made of Food Safe and engineering-grade plastic, and there is no chance for water leakage and bad odor.

The Pureit Mineral Classic RO UV water purifier includes a six-stage purification process that includes PP Melt Down, Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-Ro Carbon Filter, Post-Carbon sediment filter that removes all the suspended impurities, dust, chlorine and other volatile organic compounds thereby improving the taste of water.

While the Reverse Osmosis membrane removes dissolved salts, the UV Chamber makes sure the water is absolutely free from bacteria and virus. Also, there is a Post-RO Carbon Filter for the further cleansing of water and adds minerals post purification to enhance the taste of water.

HUL Also employs an Advanced Voltage fluctuation guard in the Pureit Classic RO UV that protects the purifier from unexpected voltage change between 165 and 280Va.c The Water Outlet Tap is break resistant and is tested up to 50,000 to ensure that it lasts long. On the Whole, The Pureit Mineral Classic 6 liter RO UV water purifier offers not only soft and sweet water but also full value for your money.

Key Features

  • 6-Stage RO + UV Purification
  • Water storage capacity is 6 liters
  • Water-Level Indicator for the bottom 3 liters
  • TDS Removal up to 1800 PPM
  • Break-Resistance Tap


Note: If you are Just Looking for an RO water Purifier, Here is the Ultimate list of Ro Water Purifiers. We have also recently started a blog for Home & Kitchen products where we will be reviewing them. Please check out Kitchenarena.in

2. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

HUL Pureit ultima
Top Rated RO + UV – Suitable For Medium and Large Family

Pureit Ultima from the Hindustan Unilever Limited is specially designed for Indian Homes and stands among one of the best water purification systems available right now. The Pureit Ultima also comes with a purity indicator so you can easily find the purity levels in the water. The Water Purifier comes with a Superior Digital Alert system so you will get warnings a few days before the Germkill Cartridge runs out of the juice.

The combination of Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Technologies in the Pureit Ultima can kill up to 10 Million virus cells in one liter of water. The Pureit Ultima employs a six stage cleaning process to ensure safe Drinking water for your family. The water purifier can also remove Total Dissolved salts in the water (2000 ppm)

In case you are living in a place where you won’t get water from public water supply or the water contains Dangerous solids like Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium, you can install the Pureit Ultima, which will give you the safest Drinking water. There is a Neon Flash Belt attached to the Pureit Ultima, which lightens up whenever you use the water purifier. The Storage capacity of the Pureit Ultima is 10 liters. All the Reverse Osmosis will waste a lot of water, but you can use the drain water for Floor Mopping, and Gardening purpose.

The Pureit Ultima requires electricity to operate, if you are living in a place where there are frequent power outages, you have to opt for an UF water filter that functions without electricity. A free installation will be provided by the Manufacturer, and you can buy the Pureit Ultima from Amazon, which is a customer-centric company.

Key Features

  • 10 Litre Storage Tank suitable for Large family
  • RO + UV Purification with TDS controller
  • Six-Stage Cleaning Process
  • TDS Levels up to 2000ppm
  • US EPA Approved Germkill cleaning process


3. Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

Kent Grand+
Best Selling RO UV Water Purifier

Kent is one of the most renowned water purification brands in the world, and The Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier is based on a patented Mineral ROTM technology. The Kent Grand Plus gives you the safest drinking water since the water purifier employs a double purification of Reverse Osmosis + Ultraviolet + Ultrafiltration that removes even the Dissolved salts and impurities.

The Water Purifier comes with TDS Controller that preserves vital minerals and grant you 100% clear and Safe Drinking water. The Kent Grand Plus have to be Fixed on the Kitchen Wall, and the storage tank capacity of the water purifier is 8 liters. The Kent Grand Plus can clean raw water from bore wells, village or municipal water supply and even overhead tanks.

The Kent Grand Plus is fail safe, and Kent applied filter change and UV fail Alarms in the water filter. An Alarm will ring up and notify you about the filter replacement. If you don’t alter the filter within the next sixty hours, the water purifier will stop working. Same happens when UV bulb stops functioning, and the purifier does not operate until the UV Lamp is renewed. Hence, the water is 100% safe for consuming. The Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier sports a classic design along with a see-through cover. On the front, there is a purified water level indicator. Also, Have a look at Kent ACE Mineral.

Key Features

  • Storage Tank capacity is 8 liters
  • Purification capacity is 15litres/hour
  • TDS levels up to 500 ppm
  • Double purification (RO + UV)
  • Patented TDS control System retains essential Natural Minerals


4. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier


Livepure is one of the emerging water purifier brands in India. The Livepure Glo 6-Stage RO + UV water purifier can work with all kinds of water sources like Borewell, Tap water, River water up to 1500 TDS levels.

This water purifier is capable of converting impure water up to 1500 ppm TDS into purified water. The sediment filter and Activated carbon filter in Livepure Glo remove suspended impurities, chlorine, pesticides and also adsorbs bad taste, color causing organic impurities from the water.

The RO Membrane makes sure that all the Hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, and salts are removed from the water. UV bulb makes sure that life-threatening bacteria, virus, protozoa get killed.

The Silver Impregnated Post carbon filter enhances the water taste by removing the volatile organic impurities. Also, there is a Mineralizer in the last stage that adds the required minerals and balances the PH of purified water.

The Storage capacity of the Livpure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier is 7 liters which make it an ideal choice for a medium sized family. The product comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.

Key Features

  • RO + UV + Mineralizer
  • Total Capacity is 7 Liters
  • Filtration Capacity: 12 L/hr
  • Total Dissolved Solids Levels up to 1500ppm


5. HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF  

Budget RO MF Water Purifier For Small Family

Another water purifier from Hindustan Unilever Limited, The HUL Pureit Classic RO + MF is the right choice of water purifier for a small family of 4 members and is one of the Best budget RO water purifiers available right now. The Pureit Classic RO+MF Water purifier can work with water having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm.

The Water purifier employs a Six stage water purification process. First, the water passes through the pre-sediment filter, this removes fine and coarse particulate impurities or dirt and improves the life of carbon filter. The water then moves the Pre-RO Carbon filter which removes the chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides. It also absorbs bad taste and odor which is caused by organic compounds from the water.

In the next stage, the Post Carbon sediment filter removes the remaining fine and coarse particulate and improves the life of RO membrane. In Stage 4, the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane removes the dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa, and cysts.

From here the water moves to the Micro Filtration (MF) Membrane which ensures that the water is purified not once, but twice. The Last level of purification is the Post-RO Carbon Filter which acts as a polisher and enhances the taste of the purified water.

If the TDS levels in your water are high and you are looking for a Budget RO, the Pureit Classic 5 liters RO+MF is the right choice. The Water purifier can turn hard water up to 1800 ppm into the soft and sweet water.

Key Features

  • Storage tank capacity is 5 liters
  • TDS levels up to 1800ppm
  • Break Resistant Tap
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard


6. Aquaguard Geneus RO + UV +UF water purifier

If you are looking for a High-End water purifier that can work with any water source, the Aquaguard Geneus is the right choice. Aquaguard Geneus detects the quality of the input water and chooses the optimum technology to purify the water.

The Storage capacity of this water purifier is 7 liters, and the RO membrane in Aquaguard Geneus can work with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. The Mineral Guard in Aquaguard Geneus discards the excess minerals and adds the right amount of minerals in the purified water.

You will get a notification if there is a need to replace the cartridge. Normally, the cartridges have to be replaced after the water purifier dispenses 5500 liters of water.

Since this water purifier comes with a taste enhancer, you will get pure and sweet water no matter the input water source. Aquaguard Geneus can work with all kinds of water sources like Taps, Borewells, Overhead Tank or river water.

The Build Quality of this water purifier is excellent. Corrosion-free and Food Safe ABS Plastic is the material that is used to build this model. Also, the LED display on the front shows the level of the water in the tank.

With the combination of RO, UV and UF + Mineralizer, the Aquaguard Geneus is one of the top notch water purifiers available in the market right now.

Key Features

  • RO + UV + UF + Mineral
  • LED display and water level sensor
  • Works with Municipal, borewells, tankers
  • Purified Water Flow Rate: 15 litre/minute
  • Installation Type: Wall mounting and Table top
  • Capacity: 7 liters


7. Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

Best UV + UF Suitable for LOW TDS Water

Kent Maxx is the Best Rated UV + UF water purifier and is rated five stars by more than 200 customers. UF (Ultrafiltration) Technology is capable of eliminating all the suspended particles in the water. The UF Purifiers work even if the water contains a lot of dirt. The Kent Maxx Water purifiers come with the combination of Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration technologies.

While the UV Bulb present in the water purifier kills all the Virus, Bacteria, and cysts found in the water, the UF Membrane ensures the water is free from all the suspended impurities. The size of the UF Membrane is 0.01. Along with the UV and UF, Sediment Filter and Activated Carbon Filter are also employed in the water purifier.

The 7 liter Kent Maxx Water Purifier is made of Food-Grade and Non-breakable ABS Plastic with Built-in-SMPS. The UV + UF water is best suited for Water with Low TDS. So, If you receive water from Public water supply or the water source is soft, you can opt for Kent Maxx.

Key Features

  • Type: Electrical & Storage
  • Purifying Technology: UV + UF
  • Total Capacity: 7 L
  • Filtration Capacity: 60 L/hr
  • UV Fail Alarm, Filter Change Alarm


8. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Best Selling UV water purifier in India

If you are looking to buy a UV water purifier whose Job is just to Kill the bacterium and virus, you can opt for Kent Ultra UV water purifier. The 3-Stage Ultra Violet Water purifier employs an 11W high energy UV Lamp that is capable of killing many species of bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms. Please note that the Kent Ultra UV water is suitable only for the Soft water with Low TDS levels. Also, the water should be free from dust particles. You have to install an extra filter if the water contains more dust or suspended impurities.

Along with UV Bulb, the water purifier is also equipped with an Activated carbon filter that removes 99% of the chlorine and other organic chemicals thereby improving the taste of the water. Also, there is 5 Micron sediment filter that removes dust and sand particles. The weight of the Kent Ultra UV is 4.7 Kg, and the water purifier can be easily mounted on the Kitchen wall.

Key Features

  • 3 stage advanced UV filtration system
  • The high energy UV lamp
  • UV alarm
  • Operating voltage: 100-300 volts
  • UV Lamp Power: 11W


9. Kent Smart 7-Litre Non-Electric Online UF Purifier

Best Non-Electric UF Water purifier

Kent Smart Non-Electric purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India that you should opt for if you are living in a place where there are frequent power outages. The Kent Smart 7 liter UF Water Purifier not only kills all the bacteria and viruses in the water but also filters the cysts present in the water and gives you safe drinking water.

Te Best thing about the Kent Smart is, the water purifier does not use any chemicals like chlorine, bromine for the purification process, rather it employs a very fine UF Membrane for getting the job done. The Size of the UltraFiltration (UF) Membrane is just 0.1 microns, so there is no chance for the deadly bacterium and other harmful contaminants to pass through it. The Build Quality of the Kent Smart is excellent, the plastic that is used to build the water purifier is ABS Plastic, which is food grade and sturdy and also leak-proof.

You can easily view the amount of water available since the storage tank is transparent and it can store up to 7 liters of purified drinking water. You can quickly detach the tank for cleaning purpose. The Kent Smart is Fully Automattic, and the water purifier starts by itself when the water level drops in the storage tank and vice-versa. Since the water purifier is non-electric, not much Maintenance and supervision is required. The Kent Smart is an awesome product for day-to-day life.

Key Features

  • Non-Electric Ultrafiltration Technology
  • Tamper-proof UF membrane
  • Detachable tank for easy on-site cleaning
  • Food grade, non-breakable and transparent plastic construction


Things you should know before selecting water purifier

Before Jumping further and picking the right water purifier, first, you should know about some of the basic terms about water purification systems.

Total Dissolved Solids

We are all aware that the Rainwater is the purest form of the water, and the TDS value of the Rainwater is only a few Tens of Mg/L. Water is the Best Health Drink in the world that is free from fat, calories, and cholesterol.

TDS or Total Dissolved solids that come from natural and unnatural sources are the total amounts of the mobile charged ions in a given volume of the water that include salts, minerals, metals, cations, and anions.

Lower the TDS value excellent will be the Water. If the TDS value is less than 300 mg/liter, the water is considered as best for Drinking.

If the TDS amount in the water is more than 500mg/liter, the water is not safe for Drinking. But, Due to the lack of Water reserves in India, Most of the people are consuming the water that contains High TDS levels. The TDS value in the water can be measured by using a TDS Meter.

The Harmful Total Dissolved Salts like Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead can be removed by a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. The Dissolved salts are mentioned above are much more harmful than the Bacteria and Viruses present in the Water. These TDS like Arsenic and Lead act like a slow poison and will affect your health in long term.

Children are most affected by the harmful Dissolved salts present in the water which is the reason for vomitings, infection, indigestion and regular fever.

So, As I mentioned earlier, all these impurities, virus, cysts and toxic Dissolved salts can be removed by installing a water purifier at our Home.

Note: You can buy Best Water Purifiers at Amazon.in. Along with Manufacturer Warranty and support, you will get the product delivered in time when you purchase a product from Amazon. Cash on Delivery and Easy Returns 🙂

Before Purchasing a water purifier online, you should know the differences between the water purifiers. The Three Major water Purification systems used in India are Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) and UltraFiltration (UF).

After you know the differences between RO, UV, and UF, you can quickly pick the right water purifier that suits your needs.

Reverse Osmosis

The RO Water Purifiers requires power to work. Reverse Osmosis is the only water purification system that can remove the Total Dissolved solids in the water. Most of the RO Water purifiers come with prefiltration, so they can also purify Dirty or Mud water. Please note that The Reverse Osmosis Purifiers are not capable of converting the saline water to fresh water (Desalination).

Also, the RO Water Purifiers requires a lot of water, and the water wastage is also high when compared with UV and UF water purifiers. But, You can make use of the waste water for House Mopping and plant purposes.

There are a lot of RO Water Purifiers available online from top Brands like Kent, HUL PureIt, Eureka Forbes, Tata Swach and more.

Tip: Always pick a water purifier that is Energy Efficient, Compact, and Easy to operate.

Ultraviolet (UV Water Purifiers)

Unlike the Reverse osmosis water purifier, the UV water purifiers can not remove the Dissolved salts present in the water. So, pick the UV water purifier only when you receive water from public or municipality water supply. If you are not sure about the TDS levels in the water, buy an RO Water purifier.

The Ultraviolet technology is chemical free and can kill all the bacteria and viruses present in the water. But, the Dead Bodies of these bacteria will outlive in the water. The UV Water Purifiers can eliminate 99.99% of the bacterium present in the water.

When the water passes around the UV Bulb, the Ultraviolet Rays will pass through the cells of the Bacteria, Virus, cysts and will kill them. The Ultraviolet Purifiers also requires electricity to operate. The UV Water (H20) purifiers don’t consume much electricity.

The UV Water Purifiers can not work with dirt or Turbid Water since the Dust particles present in the water can shield the Bacteria against the powerful Ultraviolet rays.

UF Water Purifiers (UltraFiltration)

The UltraFiltration is also similar to the RO Water Purification, but the membranes in the UF Water Filters have larger pores than the RO Purifiers. Unlike the RO and UV Water Purifiers, the UF Water purification process does not require any electricity.

The UltraFiltration Water purifiers can remove Bacteria, Cysts, microorganism and other harmful particles present in the water. The UF Water Purifiers can also purify the Mud and Turbid Water. Unlike the RO Water Purifiers, the UF water purifiers can not eliminate the Dissolved Salts present in the water.

These are the Best water purifiers in India for home use. The list will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any queries reading the selection of water purifiers, post them in the comments section below, and I will be glad to answer them.


  1. Hello Chaitanya,
    I live in AP,and here the tds level is 700-800 and we are confused in between kent grand plus and aquaguard magna,
    Can you please suggest us a good one.
    Thanks in advance…:)

    • Both the water purifiers you have mentioned are good and are suitable for high TDS water. Many users are complaining about the Service provided by these brands. So, Enquire at your place about the Kent/Aquaguard Service and opt for the brand that provides quick support.

  2. Hello Chaitanya sir
    Lately I have been reading allot of articles on how it is very important to use alkaline drinking water with pH of 8 to 9.5 … But unfortunately no branded water purifiers in India focus on the alkalinity issue. I came across a brand blue mount Ro that claims to be first alkaline ro of India. I wish to know is there a way to externally attach the alkaline mineral cartridge of biocera 12 inch to the branded filters making the final resultant water alkaline …. Please help me I am very disturbed and feeling helpless to find any answers

    • PH value of Pure water is 7. PH Value lower than seven is acidic and Higher than seven is Basic. Milk has PH Value around 6.5.

      Normally, the PH Range in groundwater systems is 6 to 8.5. Environmental Protection Agency suggests water systems maintain PH levels between 6.5 and 8.5. Taking excessive Alkaline water or acidic water is harmful.

      Alkaline water is the water that is less acidic and rich in calcium, potassium and other alkalizing compounds. RO water purifiers remove Hard metals and other salts from the water. Now, most of the branded Reverse Osmosis water purifiers come with a TDS regulator or Mineralizer that Retains natural minerals in the water.

      Just because you consume Alkaline/Mineral water doesn’t mean you will get lots of health benefits. To maintain a healthy life, You have to exercise, eat fresh vegetables, protein and eat a healthy diet of whole foods. Avoid western diet of processed food.

  3. Hello, In Ahmedabad, we have the TDS level of 2800 PPM. Moreover, we get water from Society Borewell and Municipal Supplies also – a mixed water supply. I am looking to buy a water purifier which has minimal wastage of water. A family of 3 having a daily consumption of 20 litres approximately. Do suggest me best purifier suitable for us……Thank You.

    • Are you sure about the TDS levels in your water? 2800 ppm is too high and Home water purifiers work only with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.

        • the current Municipal report says Biological presence outside the limit: 34, Available Residual Chlorine:440. What does it mean?

          • Chlorine residual means the level of chlorine present in the water. Chlorine is added to the water to inactive the bacterium. Safe Chlorine level in drinking water is 4 ppm. Chlorination is the cheapest way of disinfecting water. But, there are other ways of purifying the water that are safer than chlorination.

  4. Hi,
    Which purifier do you recommend for ground water purification. There is a lake close by and the water would have added salts I suppose. How is livpure? As the purifiers are in budget. I am looking for ones around 10 k.

  5. Hi Chaitanya

    My name is Shiva I stay in Mumbai where I get corporation water with TDs level 50.i hv been using aquaguard classic model since last 6 yrs I want to change now.plz suggest which model of aquaguard should I buy within 13000 budget in my area aquaguard service is quite good.

    • For TDS levels 50, you don’t need an RO! There will be no Hard Metals, Salts in your low TDS water. So, UV water purifier is enough, Check out Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4 liter (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2sosHvQ)

  6. Hi,
    We get water from municipal corporation and we get good water with low TDS. We currently have Aquaguard compact. Never faced any water related health issues. We want to change now as its quite old.
    I do not want to go for RO models as water is good and also don’t want to go for bulky models.
    I want to go for Aquaguard UV+UF Enhance
    or Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD UV (suggested by the sales guy)
    or Kent MAXX

    Kindly help me choosing the right one. None of these have good reviews everywhere.
    Am confused. Kindly help.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Kent Maxx costs a lot lower when compared with the Aquaguard Models you have mentioned above.

      Also, Aquaguard claims that their Magna NXT UV water purifier comes with Mineral Guard that retains the natural minerals in the water. This is not required in UV or UF water purifiers as no salts will be removed. Also, they are confusing customers with a lot of Models and Technologies like Biotron, Nutritron!! There is no much price difference between Magna UV and Enhance models.

      As you are getting low TDS water, the combination of UV + UF will be good for you. There will be no water wastage, and maintenance cost will be low. Considering the Price, If I were you, I would opt for Kent Maxx.

  7. Hello sir.I RAVIRAJU, I want to buy RO WATER PURIFIER with low Yearly maintnance.please suggest any good one.
    my TDS value is between 700-950

    • TDS 190 ppm is good and RO water purifier is not required. In Most of the Gravity Based UF water purifiers, water has to be filled Manually. Check out Kent Smart UF water purifier, It can be connected directly to the tap and the operation is fully automatic. Both UV and UF water purifiers are suitable for you.

      Kent Smart Non-Electric UF (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2s7VZ1U) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/ILtVD!NNNN)
      Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2rxQP0r) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/IL!ht!NNNN)

      • Thanks Sir. One clarification needed – Does UV/UF models will have system to dispose unwanted water in separate pipe?

        • No water will be wasted during UV/UF Purification and there is no need to have a drain pipe. Only RO water purifiers produce reject water.

  8. In comparison with eureka Forbes genius plus and Kent pristine wall mounted/ counter top detachable tank RO water purifier which is best and what you would suggest. I have short listed these two product and your review may help.

    Looking for Maintenace cost diffrence b/w these two.
    Best water purification technology.
    I am not sure of TDS level in water
    I am from Hyderabad , Malkajgiri area and I am looking to have purifier for birewell water and municipal water
    We need this for 5 member in our family

    Apart from this would you be able to help or suggest any other product

    Last I would appreciate your time and comments are really helpful.

    • Aquaguard Geneus+ By Eureka Forbes is a High-End RO water purifier that works with water from various sources like borewells, ground water, Tap water and any water source having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm. Also, this water purifier comes with TDS Mineral modulator and the output water will have low TDS along with Natural Minerals. The Design is good with LED Display and the storage capacity is 7 liters. But, the Maintenance cost will be around ₹2,000 per year. In Some Places, Aquaguard service is not up to the mark and they will ask you to buy an Annual Maintenance Package that costs around ₹4000.

    • RO water purifiers are good for Home Purpose. There are no Branded Alkaline water purifier manufacturers in India.

  9. living at Ahmedabad. planning to buy Ro+UV+ Tds controlar
    pl. suggest which brand with model i should go for it.
    my real problem is getting 650 tds bore water, so
    when it passes through my RO machine getting
    30 tds water so pl. suggest which brand i should go for
    such low tds water.
    Thank you

  10. We are living in Kothapet, Hyderabad in apartment. Municipal water is collected in tanks and supplied by pipes to each
    flat in our apartment. We are not aware of TDS levels in water. My family has 4 members. I want to know which water purifier best suits to my family. What is the maintenance cost of water purifier per annum? Which company offers the best customer service after purchase? Which water is better for children either mineral water purchased from shops or purified water?

    • If you are not sure about the TDS levels in the water, you can opt for an RO + UV water purifier that comes with a TDS controller or Mineralizer. Service Provided by Kent, Pureit, Livepure or Aquaguard varies from one place to other. Maintenance cost will be around ₹1500 for an RO water purifier. For UV and Gravity based models, It will be low. I have mentioned the top models in the above post. We are not sure how they purify the canned water, So it is better to install a water purifier at your home which will be good both for children and adults.

  11. Dear Chaitanya, I plan to buy a water purifier , please suggest me best value for money water purifier, we live in Faridabad Haryana Water TDS lavel is 1600, we are four members in family.

    • The TDS levels in your water are high, you have to opt for an RO water purifier. Check out Pureit 6 Litres Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier, It works with water having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm. Aquaguard Geneus, Kent ACE Mineral, Pureit Ultima are high-end models. These water purifier can work with water from any source.

  12. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy RO+UV home water purifier. How can I find out as which company can provide good after sales service once I buy the product because all manufacturers claim to provide the best in class service before buying.
    Please suggest!!

    • Kent, Aquaguard, Livepure and Pureit Products are good. But, the service depends on local service stations of these brands. It varies from one place to other. Even within the same city, the service levels might vary. So, It is better to enquire local dealers at your place.

  13. Respected sir
    Im planing to buy water purifier so Im confused to select which is best product. So please suggest me best one for my new house Ground tap water.

    • What are The TDS levels in your water source? Also, what is your Budget? I have mentioned the top models in the above post. Kent, Livepure, Pureit, Aquaguard are some of the Leading water purifier brands in India.

  14. I stay in apartment where tanker water comes. I currently use AQUA GUARD REVIVA from last 5 years.
    i have 2 qns:
    1. How often one should change filters inside water purifier?
    2. Which is the best water purifier if i want both hot and cold water.

    Please suggest.

    • Cold and Hot water option is available only with commercial water purifiers. This option is not included in Home water purifiers. Normally, the water purifier stops functioning if there is a need to change the filter. Now, most of the water purifiers are equipped with filter change Alarm. If you think, there is any change in water taste, just call the Aquaguard Customer care and request for water purifier service. If your water quality is not bad, then the RO membrane will work for a year. Only RO membrane is costly.

  15. What is the function of iron guard technology in any water Purifier’s and this function are available in which purifier?

    • We, humans, require iron to function. But, High amounts of iron is toxic. Iron Guard is not a technology and this feature is not required. All the RO water purifiers are capable of removing the excess Salts and Hard metals from the water.

  16. Hi Chaithanya,

    I have a query regarding purifiers in general. My query is from a commercial perspective though,

    I want to take dealership for one of the upcoming ( not leading ) purifiers i n India. A brand that is great in giving excellent service to customers ( have read about your knowledge about service quality – Apple one plus e.g) Will you be able to suggest some thing here?

    Thanks a ton

    • No matter you sell the product online or at the offline store, you have to provide good support to the customer. When the support is good, users rate your product 5 stars and also write positive reviews online. When you get good reviews, your product sales will also increase. The first thing you need to make sure is, the product is of top quality. You see, Apple releases just a couple of iPhone models every year, their iOS operating system is excellent with almost no bugs. OnePlus is also doing the same. When the products are of top quality, there is no much need for service. OnePlus is a very new brand and they have already established their place in the market. They also don’t spend much on advertising. On the other hand Vivo, Oppo, Micromax, and Gionee, they release lots of models and spend a lot of $$$ on advertising.

      If you are looking to take a dealership of any product, just find the complete details about it. Also, make sure you provide proper support for the customers. Kent charges ₹300 per service. In some places, the technicians are good, and in some localities, these guys are rude and have no idea about the water purifier technologies. The main thing you need to make sure is, the service personnel is well educated about the product, and they should be polite.

  17. Hi VS Chaitanya
    I’m from chennai in Alliance Orchard springs apartments planning to buy a water purifier
    In our apartment we have water treatment plant
    We are getting clear look water in kitchen
    But i don’t know about TDS
    What are the suggestion from you
    I expect valuable information from you
    Thank you

    • If your Apartment Complex has an RO Plant, you can just opt for an UV water purifier. Also, you can find the TDS levels in your water using a TDS meter. The TDS meter is available online for ₹300. You can also ask the Kent/Pureit/Aquaguard Customer care representative to visit your home and measure the TDS levels in your water. Their customer care numbers are mentioned in the Amazon Product page. No Matter the TDS levels, you can install an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS controller or Mineralizer. I have mentioned top models in the above post. Please have a look.

  18. Hi
    I’m looking for a purifier with storage capacity of min 5 ltr and price range around 7-8 k at Goa. No issues with hard water. So pls suggest some options

    • As you mentioned that the water is not hard, you can opt for an UV water purifier. Check out Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier. It comes with 7 Liters storage tank and is suitable for Low TDS water.

    • Check out Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier
      Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier
      Pureit Marvella UV 4 L UV Water Purifier

      Go for the brand that provides quick support at your area. The Maintenance cost for an UV water purifier will be low.

  19. Don’t not buy any water purification procduct manufactured and sold by PUREIT. I have used multiple Pureit water purifiers and had worst customer support experience for replacing gem kits and damage parts. You have to call several times on customers help desk then escalate on the website for an repair person to visit ur place. More over Pureit products have constant water leakage issues with water pipe n filter inside. If leakage is not fixed ur house will be flooded . Used ur best judgement before purchasing any Pureit product.

    • No matter the water purifier Brand, If the installation is not done properly, there will be leakage, and the maintenance cost will be high. The service provided by any water purifier brand in India is not up to the mark.
      The Manufacturing cost for an iPhone and OnePlus Smartphone is same. But, the Price of the Apple products will be 2x higher than Oneplus or Xiaomi High-End Smartphones. The Main reason is Service Quality, Advertising. You know, Apple, LG or Samsung provides Top-notch service, and other brands fail to provide the same. They can’t make even small profits if they spend on Advertising or Top-Notch Service.

  20. Hello I am trying to buy an under counter water purifier for an apartment in Chennai. Please can someone suggest one that will be good with good service facility. Many thanks.

    • Check out KENT Excell+. It comes with KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM Technology + UV/UF Combination. This Under Counter model is loaded with all the required features along with TDS control, works with all kinds of water sources like Borewell, Ground water, Tap water and river water.

  21. Hello sir, I would like to take Aquaguard Geneus but, when I see the rating in online it worst…you mentioned it is the best and top model current market..I’ve also seen it is not certified like kent grand Plus..So please suggest me some Best long life and service waterpurifier.

    • Aquaguard water purifiers are also certified by national and US EPA agency. Their RO water Purifiers also received multiple awards. You can find more information in Eureka Forbes wiki page. The cost of Aquaguard products is a little bit higher than other brands. The products are quality ones but In Some areas, their service is not good. When you read reviews online, make sure you only take Verified Purchase reviews into consideration. Kent, Aquaguard, Pureit, Tata Swach are some of the Top brands. Livpure water purifiers are also good and I have heard that they are providing quality support.

      • which is best one compare to Kent Grand + or Aaquaguard geneus plus ?? all considerations and best ratings..please suggest me…

        • Aquaguard Genus is priced a little bit on the higher side when compared with Kent Grand Plus. Both of them employ almost similar technology to purify the water. Opt for the brand that provides good support at your place. The Maintenance cost for Aquaguard Geneus will be a little bit more than Kent Grand Plus.

          • Hello sir, We bought LG WW170EP water purifier..and we don’t have tank up side..The installation guy said..we can’t fit if we don’t have tank..so what we do now..please suggest me..I thought we use booster pump to send the water to water purifer…but he said it can’t be done…please urgent ,suggest me

          • Hi-Tech Booster Pump works on any RO purifier, having a 24V, 2A power supply for the pump. The Product is available at Amazon.in

  22. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a 10L water filter for my new house in Trimulgherry area in Hyderabad, We get tap water from HMWSSB (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water supply & Sewerage Board). So which water filter i need to buy?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Have a look at HUL Pureit Ultima. For a 10 Litre Water purifier, the maintenance cost will be around ₹2000 per year.

  23. Dont buy HUL pureit, there are very frequent repairs that it needs with 3 ppl consuming water from it….. they have some wierd mechanics where in even though my filter was off, when i came back from office the house was flooded because somehow the system started leaking water directly from inlet to the waste water pipe, with water dripping from the unit too… its really very unstable piece of machinery .

  24. HI,
    I am looking for UV+UF water filter for cauvery water in bangalore, please suggest which one to selectbest UV+UF from KENT MAX, TATA SWATCH, OR LIVE PURE.

    • Kent Maxx is the best selling UV + UF water purifier. You have to opt for the brand that provides good support at your place.

  25. HI,
    I want to buy purifier that will automatically sense water source as water input can be of corporation or tanker or bore .
    i called acquaguard person, they suggesest me magna nxt hd ro+hv+uf model.
    now there are 2 models shown online
    a) Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO + UV + MTDS
    b) Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO+UV
    so which one is better with MTDS or without.


      • It works with water source having TDS levels below 2000 ppm. The Final TDS value depends upon your water source. Since the Aquaguard Magna NXT comes with a Mineral Guard, the final TDS will be around 100-200ppm with required minerals like calcium and magnesium.

    • I think both the models you have mentioned are same and come with MTDS regulator, the MTDS regulator adjusts the purification process according to the source of water.

      • Hi Chaitanya,

        Your suggested list does not have Dr. Aquaguard Magna NXT HD RO+UV. Is this a good product? online reviews are not good for this one. Aqua guard guys are pushing this product to me. Should I go with it? We are getting tanker water. the TDS was around 700. We are in Bangalore Panathur area. Please provide your comments.


        • The Product is good. But, the service provided by Eureka Forbes is not up to the mark in some areas. Their service personnel is suggesting users buy an Annual Maintenance Package that cost around ₹4000. Normally, when the water is not that bad, there is no need to change cartridges now and then.

  26. HI Sir,

    I am from Phulera, dist Jaipur(Rajasthan). And at our place earlier we used to have high amount of fluoride that is why most of the children used to have teeth with dirty yellow patches. The water supply was done from wells/bore well near to the town.

    Now due to water scarcity water supply is done via train from bisalpur dam. I believe after getting waters from trains, they put the water in the local water tanks and then water supply is done. And one more possibility is they might mix local bore well water with the bisalpur dam water and then suppy is done.

    So can you please suggest me a good water purifier.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Only an RO water purifier can remove the Hard Metals, Salts from the water. The TDS levels in your water source are high. Reverse Osmosis water purifier is capable of removing cysts, bacterium, pesticides, Hard metals like Arsenic, lead, fluoride, cadmium and other harmful contaminants. Make sure you buy an RO + UV that comes with TDS modulator. So, the essential minerals will not be lost.

        • Yes, The Livepure water purifier you have mentioned is good and is suitable for high TDS water also. I have heard that Livepure provide good support.

  27. Sir, is there any instrument to measure TDS levels? Kindly help.
    The following two types of drinking water is available to me:
    1) Water directly supplied from Bhatsai River.
    2) Water directly supplied from borewell.
    The supply of above two types of water is arranged by the builder without water treatment facility and I don’t know about TDS levels in the water. Because of this reason I am not able to take decision for purchase of suitable water purifier.

    • You can buy a TDS meter online at Amazon for ₹300. You can easily find the TDS levels in your water source using this instrument. As you are getting water from two different sources, It will be better to opt for an RO water purifier. RO water purifiers with a TDS controller/Mineralizer are suitable for water from all sources. So, Make sure you opt for an RO + UV + TDS water purifier. In case the TDS levels in your water source is low, just go with UV – UF water purifier.

  28. I am using kent peral water purifier which also was purchased in 2012 , from 2016 till datw all parts have been replaced , mainly the water pump Kent uses is horrible I had to change it 3 times company provides only 3 months for out of warranty customer. And the water pump in Kent is of a sub-standard quality ,very very poor.my relative who got Kent also has replaced the pump many times …Very horrible quality .

  29. Hello, i am from assam, i want to buy a water purifier but very much confused. Water is not very good here, also the water is a bit heavy and not good for drinking. My budget is 10k to 15k. I am not sure about what kind of purifier to purchase and with what specification will be better or best in my budget. Also please tell me what is the maintainance cost per year? Please help

    • RO + UV water purifier that comes with a TDS controller can work with any kind of water. Have a look at Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO+UV, Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Mineral RO + UV models. Since your water quality is bad, the maintenance cost will be around ₹2,000 per year. But, It is worth it. These water purifiers give Mineral water that is much better than Can water or boiled water.

    • As you are near to a chemical Industry, the ground water will be polluted with chemicals and Hard metals. So, you need an RO water purifier. Have a look at the top models I have mentioned above.

  30. Hi Chaitanya
    I want to buy UV + UF purifier, water source is municipality,
    I choose two model, Livpure Glitz and Aquagaurd superb, suggest which is best, or any other model

    • Aquaguard Superb is priced on the higher side. For UV + UF, they are asking more money. Have a look at Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier. It is suitable for Low TDS water.

  31. Hi Chaitanya,
    Thanks for the good work above.
    Can you please let me know which one would be better among the below mentioned water purifiers-
    1. Eureka Forbes Geneus
    2. HUL Pureit Ultima
    3. Livpure 2000+

    In my apartment TDS is around 500. So which one will be better choice considering after sales service, water quality and longevity.

    Appreciate your response.

    • All the models you have mentioned are good and they also come with Mineralizers. TDS levels 500 is okay and the life of the RO membrane depends on the water Hardness. I can’t suggest you the exact model. The service offered by these brands might differ from one place to other. You can find the customer service number of these models at Amazon. Just call and inquire them about service and installation details. Opt for a brand that provides quick support at your place.

  32. Hi chaitanya,

    Is acquaguard magna nxt hd ro+hv+uf model good to buy, I am looking for a Good RO+UV water purifier.Have been using Acquaguard Classic model since long time and now want to switch to RO purifier, please suggest which one to buy as I am really confused about Acquaguard Magna model because found many negative reviews about it.
    And pls also guide me that who is responsible for installation and warranty ,if I buy purifier Online from flipkart,amazon or snapdeal because one of salesperson is convincing me that when you buy from these sites company don’t provide warranty or any kind of service.
    Thanks in advance!

    • It is not true what the salesperson said. You will get the Same Warranty no matter you buy the Product Online or at an Offline store. Amazon and Flipkart Provide Free Delivery and Installation on water purifiers. Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD is a good RO UV water purifier. It also comes with a TDS controller. I have mentioned top RO Models in the above list. Just have a look and the select the model according to your requirement. You just have to make sure that the installation and service are done only by the Authorized brand (HUL, Kent or Eureka Forbes) representative. When you purchase these water purifiers online, the details of the Service Personnel will be sent to your mobile number.

      • Hi Chaitanya,

        Could you please let me know if acquaguard magna nxt hd ro+uv model is a good model compare to other Water purifiers.i need ro+uv model and confused which one to chose as each sales person says positive about their products and negatives about other products and is it worthy spending around 18k on the acquaguard magna nxt hd ro+uv model

        • Magna is a good model. Aquaguard also provides Annual Maintenance Contract of Rs. 4000 where all the service and filters replacement is covered. Also, Have a look at Aquaguard Enhance RO UV + TDS. It is available for around ₹15K only. The service provided by Eureka Forbes might vary from place to place. If the TDS levels in your water is not too high, then there is no need to change the RO membrane every year. Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima are some of the Top RO UV models. Normally, the Products from Kent, Aquaguard, HUL and Tata are good and certified by water quality association. But, the service is not up to the mark.

          • Thank you for your reply chaitanya. Water TDS is 520 in my apartment. Based on that please suggest some good purifiers to purchase which will solve futute problems also(if it is rainy season chances are there that water will be contaminated) and also based on your experience please let me know one final model to purchase.

  33. Hi Chaitanya, please suggest between hul pureit Marvella, aquaguard enhance RO and livpure prep pro ++. The water is hard and I am looking for RO with mineralizer. Please suggest based on after sale service, AMC cost and performance. Thanks

    • AMC will be around 2K Per Year for all the water purifiers you have mentioned above. Livepure pep pro ++ comes with RO, UV, UF and also works with water having high TDS levels. Aquaguard Enhance also comes with a TDS controller and they also have an Annual maintenance contract of Rs.4000 where they replace filters or do any other services for that price. It is not mandatory.

  34. Hi Chaitanya
    Hope you are doing well.
    I stay in Mumbai and getting water from BMC. As per my understanding I should go for UV water purifier. Water purifier should have storage.My budget is 10K.
    I checked HUL Marvella UV, acquasure maxima and Kent maxx.
    Could you please list down few UV models with less maintenance cost.

    • Along with UV, Kent Maxx also comes with UF filter. In case there is dust in water, the UV rays can’t kill bacteria since the dust blocks them. So, It will be much better to opt for UV + UF model.

  35. Hi Chaitanya,
    I am quite confused after going through the reviews on Amazon and Flipkart for Kent Grand + and HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV. In many of the posts they have mentioned about the AMC as high as 10k/year which includes replacement of GKK1 and 2 and service charges. As per your post it shouldn’t be beyond 4500 even if TDS levels are high. Could you please throw some light on these two models so that I can opt between them. I am looking for a RO+UV/UF with TDS filter for a family of 3 people with average consumption(about 20 lts a day).

    • 10,000! No way? I have been using Kent Grand Plus from the past couple of years, and the maintenance charge is around 2K per year. Only the RO filter is costly, and I have changed it only for one time. These brands also offer an Annual Maintenance contract for around Rs. 4000 where they will replace any filter and no charges beyond that. Just make sure that the product service and installation are done only for the Kent Brand representative and buy the product from a seller with positive ratings.

      Some sellers offer the product at a price lower than others, but they send third party service personnel. When you buy the product online at Amazon or Flipkart, you will get the details of the Kent representative to your registered mobile number.

  36. Hi, i am from Hyderabad.Need to buy a water purifier.The water available is tanker water during summer. It looks muddy.we purchase the drinking water from local vendor.Please suggest a water purifier for a family of 2 with ocassional 2-3 guests.

  37. Hello Chaitanya, Thanks for the nice article.
    What’s your idea on the Panasonic water purification? Have you researched on it or come across anyone who might have used it? Apart from the usual Uf,uv, ro which is essential on my criteria, I want a see through container. Also I am looking for a purifier with the above features within 12-15k. So I was thinking of considering Panasonic. Also any idea on the hind ware water purifier. Yeah both of them are actually relatively unknown brands in purifiers. But then I am an unusual buyer 🙂

    • I have no idea about the Panasonic water purifiers. On the Specs sheet, the Panasonic TK-CS80-DA looks good, It also comes with a Mineralizer. Panasonic is a top brand, but I am not sure about the service they offer regarding water purifiers. Water Purifiers require good service and the Annual Maintenance charges for RO model will be around ₹2,0000/Year. If you are looking for a see through container, have a look at Kent Grand Plus.

  38. I am using Aquaguard of Eureka Forbes for the past more than 22 years. Regularly I am taking AMC. Now I want to change it to an advanced latest technology Water Purifier which does not need AMC. I reside in Bangalore and I get BWSSB water. We are two and with occasional two or three guests.

    Whic Water Purifier you recommend.

    • From 22 Years! As of now, there is no water purifier with no AMC. If you get soft water with low TDS levels, you can opt for UV + UF water purifier. The Maintenance cost for UV – UF models will be low when compared with the RO water purifiers. But, the UF or UV models can not remove the Hard Metals from the water. So, If you get Low TDS water, you can opt for them. I have mentioned all the top models above. Please check them out and select the one according to your needs.

  39. Earlier I was getting Municiple water, but due to shortage of water, they started providing borewell water with 750 TDS. I got a representative who showed me Riviva NXT RO and UV. Having got knowledge about RO, UV, and UF, so now I am interested in it. Should I go for Reviva NXT or choose for other one with all 3 technologies. Some say do not go for brand, all assembled products have the same quality which the brands have. Please advise.

    • Do not buy Non-Branded RO water purifiers. Because they don’t have TDS controller and will remove all the metals and even the useful natural minerals in the water. Aquaguard, Kent, Pureit, Live pure are the top Brands. You can opt for an RO water purifier with UV/UF combination. But, Make sure that there is TDS controller.

    • 1) Is Reviva NXT, 8 stage of Aquaguard RO+UV, manual TDS controller good or should I go for RO+UV+UF.
      2) AMC for it is 4500 per year, very costly or we can buy good quality filters from market and save money in future.
      3) Non-branded (assembled) also claim for TDS controller. Confused!!

      • I think Aquaguard is offering Annual Maintenance Contract @ ₹4500 Per Year. Unless your water quality is too bad or you installed the product wrongly, you don’t have to spend that much on the service.

        If the water has High TDS levels, the RO needs to be changed every year. Also, It depends on the usage. If your water quality is average, the maintenance cost will be around ₹2,000 per year. Have a look at the models I have mentioned in this post.

        Even if you buy filters on your own, they have to be replaced when required. So, It is better to opt for Branded Models from Kent, Pureit or Aquaguard.

  40. Hi,
    I am from Pune we have Municipal water facility. Planning to buy KENT brand water purifieres
    So i have following listed model but couldn’t able to choose which one is good and what is the difference.
    1) I had visited local stores they had suggested me that I need to purchase extra filter if TDS is high and KENT doesn’t provide, is it true.
    2) Local Store sales people also had suggested that filtration level need to be adjusted all the time for KENT GRAND model is it true.
    Kent Grand Plus TDS 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
    Kent Ace Mineral RO TM 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
    Kent Pristine 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
    Kent Grand 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

    3) Does PUREIT ULTIMA RO+UV WATER PURIFIER has 7 stages of filtration and what are the pro’s and cons if we compare to above models.


    • It is not true what the local dealers said. Also, some of the local dealers send third party personnel for installation which is not good. Kent Grand Plus, ACE Mineral, Pureit Ultima are the top models. There is no much difference in the Purification process among these water purifiers, only the design and the storage capacity are changed. All the three models work with water having high TDS levels and also there is a TDS controller for all the water purifiers. When you buy the product online, it will be shipped directly by the brand or representative seller. Also, Free installation and demo will be provided. I have been using Kent Grand Plus from the past three years and I am happy with it. Maintenance cost will be around ₹2000 per year.

        • Not much difference in the purification process between most of the Kent High-End RO UV models. All of them have TDS controller and purification based on KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM technology. Kent Prime has 9-litre storage capacity and is suitable for Large families also.

  41. Hi, I want to buy water purifier
    I want to know about Livpure pep star is ok for me, in my apartment water source is by the municipality.
    Suggest any other option for RO,uv,uf water purifier under 12000

    • The water purifier you have mentioned is good. Also, have a look at Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier (Flipkart). Pureit Classic, Kent ACE minerals are some of the other options. All the above water purifiers work with any kind of water source.

  42. We have aquaguard RO+UV enhance model.
    The product costed about 16K. But the Annual maintenance will be around 5K!!!!!!! which is 1/3 of the product price.
    Think Trice before choosing aquaguard products.

  43. Dear sir we are planing to buy water filer our specifications are ro+ uv and we get worse water wtich is provided buy municipal in our town please provide me best filter in the market with AMC

    • Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima, Livpure Pep Pro, Aquaguard Enhance/Geneus are some of the Top RO + UV water purifiers. These models work with any water source and even the water that contain high TDS levels. For RO water purifiers, Annual Maintenance Charges depend on your water quality. It will be around 2,000 per year.

  44. Hi

    We are from Hyderabad and planning to buy a water purifiers with in budget 15 – 20k , seen different models in Aquaguard, pureit and LG.
    LG models have stainless steel storage in side . We have not seen any LG models in your reviews. Can you please provide your comments on LG models (WAW & WW Series)

    • Kent, Pureit, and Aquaguard use ABS Grade Plastic, and it is completely food safe. Kent, Aquaguard are specialized in water purification niche and offer better support than LG. Also, there are no much Reviews for LG water purifiers online. I have personally not used LG water purifier. So, can’t comment on them. But, the specs are good.

  45. I am looking at under the sink RO. Pls suggest the best UTC with least maintainance charges. Does under the sink has more complications then wall mounted.

    • Have a look at the KENT Excell+ Under-The-Counter water purifier. It comes with KENT’s patented KENT’s Mineral ROTM technology and can work with high TDS water. Maintenance charges will be around ₹3000 per year. If installed properly, there will be no complications, Also, the Kitchen counter space will not be occupied. The Kent Excell+ Under the sink water purifier is also suitable for attachment with water coolers with water dispenser.

  46. Hello Chaitanya,

    Thanks for the information you have provided on your website. I am thinking of buying Kent Supreme. Source of water is borewell (not sure of the TDS level). Please let me know if this is a good choice.


    • Yes, It is a good water purifier that can work with water having high TDS levels. KENT’s Mineral ROTM Technology- Purification by RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller. Also, there is a reject water tank that you can utilize for washing utensils or any other household purposes.

      • Thanks Chaitanya for the prompt response. A Kent dealer visited my house today, due to space constraints, he suggested Grand+ instead of Supreme. I did a quick comparison of both models on the Kent website. The differences in the features I see are – no storage for reject water and no auto flushing mechanism. Do you think auto flushing mechanism on Supreme will give me longer intervals between maintenance? Looking forward to your valuable input. Also, Kent representative checked the TDS level of the borewell water, it is 300.

        Thanks again,

        • No matter the TDS levels, you can opt for an RO water purifier that has a TDS controller. Both the models you have mentioned above comes with a TDS controller. I Personally prefer Kent Grand Plus over Kent Supreme because of the space constraints. Also, Kent Grand Plus comes with a Reject water pipe so you can collect that water and use for Gardening or washing utensils (If Possible). Auto Flushing removes the salt deposits on the surface of the RO membrane that can improve the life of the membrane. For TDS levels around 300, there won’t be very Hard metals.

          • We ended up installing Kent Grand+. The reject water pipe is connected to a drain tub to be used for other purposes. Kent representative rechecked the TDS levels, it was around 250. So the auto flushing of Supreme would not have been much use. Thanks again for all your help and suggestions.


          • I am also using Kent Grand Plus at my home. But, due to space constraints, all the reject water gets wasted into the sink. Sometimes we collect and use it for cleaning purpose. It is better if you buy a cover for the water purifier if the dust in your place is high. Keep the surrounding of the water purifier clean. Whenever a service is required, get it done only by the Kent Technician.

  47. I am planning to buy a new water purifier for my home. Water supplied by North Dumdum Municipality pumping station. TDS of said water is not known to me. Can you please suggest the best one water purifier where I can get tasted, purified water.

    Warm regards,
    Banamali Ghosh

    • If you are not sure about the TDS levels in your water, you can opt for an RO water Purifier. I have mentioned the top RO water purifier models above. Please check and select according to your budget.

  48. Dear Chaitanya
    Thanks for your replies,
    We are three from Coimbatore,we are planning to buy an to with water softner, we use daily consum of water is near 25 ltrs.so which one is best water purifier for cheap and best model and what is the maintenance cost.

    Another one is salt water to software for bath.Kindly suggest me

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ro water purifiers can be used only for Drinking and cooking purpose. I have listed all the top models above, please check them out and select the product according to your budget. Maintenance cost will be around 1,500 to 2,000 per year. For Bathing, you can buy a Geyser or water heater.

    • I never had a chance to have a look at this water purifier. Looking at the specs, I can say it a Good model. It comes with all the required filters and Mineral Guard. Also, the RO membrane of this water purifier is certified by the Water Quality Association and comes with 2 Years warranty.

    • You have got a few options at the Price range around 13K. Some of the RO UV models include Kent ACE Mineral, Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV and Pureit Classic RO UV.

    • Reputed Brands like Kent, Aquaguard, Livepure, and Pureit Provide good support in metropolitan areas. The customer care number of these brands is mentioned on the product page. When you buy the product online, You will get the details of the service person, and the installation will be done within a couple of days. But, you have to make sure that the installation is done only by the brand representative and not by a third party technician.

  49. Hi Chaitanya,
    I am planning to buy a water purifier, we are 5members
    TDS- 1076
    How much can I invest for this? Does RO and UV are required?
    Which water purifier is suggestible for us? and how many liters?

    • The TDS levels in your water source are High. You have to opt for an RO, UV water purifier. High-End RO + UV Models from Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard, Livepure comes with a TDS Regulator. The TDS regulator also called as Mineral Guard is very important as it maintains the natural minerals in the water. All the water purifiers I have mentioned in the above list are rated well by the real users at Amazon, Flipkart. Some of the Best Selling RO Water Purifiers in India are Aquaguard Geneus, Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima (High-End Models work with any water source, Suitable for 5-6 Family members). If you are on a budget, there are Mid-Range models like Pureit Classic, Livpure Pep Pro+, Aquaguard Enhance. Proper care and Maintenance is required for any water purifier 🙂

  50. Hi chaitanya,
    I am living in Maraimalai nagar Chennai.. (603209)
    At my home TDS is like 750. Till now we used Canned RO water but now a days erased faith from canned water after finding some bugs in that water. Now I planned to buy a water purifier which contains all features with UV, UF , RO & water softner.Please suggest me which one can I buy. There is no budjet limit.I am having 2 years old kid & I think he is not liking canned water tast . Plz consider my situation and plz give the suggestion accordingly.

    Thanks in advance

    • As Budget is Not your concern, you can opt for High-End Models like Aquaguard Geneus, Pureit Ultima or Kent Grand Plus/Superb. All the models come with RO, UV and UF Technologies and also equipped with TDS modulator. So, you don’t have to worry about the loss of vital Minerals. You have to make sure that the installation and service are done only by the authorized representative. Annual Maintenance cost for these models will be around Rs. 2000.

  51. This is a excellent product I have been using this since 2 years and got good service .they come for installation and service

  52. hi chaitanya
    i m from hyd. we have an aquaguard novia e boiling . we purchased some 10 years back. it is under AMC But we find dust particles regularly in it. we told the person who comes for AMC. he says we have clean once in three months. and he told us to renew our AMC. but we feel it is better to go for a new one. the TDS is 280 to 300 . is it ok. but seeing the dust we donot feel like drinking the water. what is your suggestion. we get municipal water and it is stored in overhead tank . sometimes borewater also mixes with it. can u give us a suggestion so that the AMC person will be coming within a day or two i have to take a decision by then if i have to go for new one with storage capacity which one is best. and secondly this storage water purifiers how to wash the storage part.

  53. Hi Chaitanya,

    I m thinking of purchasing new water purifier, we are family of four using Bisleri water now, we live in Mumbai, Borivali.
    Pls suggest me good water purifier.

    • What are the TDS levels in the water at your place? No matter the TDS levels, you can opt for an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS controller. Aquaguard Geneus, Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima are some of the top RO + UV water purifiers that can work with any kind of water.

  54. Dear Mr.Chaitanya ,

    We are using RO .but our water having hardness 250 ppm and TDS 300 ppm now we want to replaced the purifier so pl.suggest us which is suitable purifier budget is not as issue.

    • For TDS level below 300 PPM, a UV + UF water purifier is enough. Have a look at Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier. There will be no problem even if you opt for an RO water purifier. As the water purifiers I have mentioned above come with a TDS regulator, Natural Minerals will not be washed away.

  55. Hi Chaitanya!

    First of all a Big thanks for your patience to reply all queries very briefly
    and par excellence in-depth knowledge of water purifier.

    Just want to know Kent grand + working and service support in derabassi near Chandigarh.as here Tds is 500 ppm approx

    • Kent Grand Plus is suitable for water having 500ppm TDS levels. Here are the details of Kent service franchise near to PIN 140507 (Postal Taluk:- DERABASSI)

      PUNJAB – 140603
      Phone: 9278912345

      For service, repair, installation & AMC related queries, You can also contact Kent customer care number on 9278912345

  56. Hi chaitanya,

    I am from hyderabad, can u plz suggest me the best one on Pureit marvella ro+uv or Kent grand+ or Kent Pearl or Prime.

    • You can opt for either Pureit Marvella or Kent Grand Plus. Also, there is not much price difference between Pureit Marvella and Pureit Ultima. Make sure you get the installation done only by the Authorized personnel. Also, the Maintenance cost will be around ₹2000 per year for these RO water purifiers.

  57. Hi ,

    What should i do in case the TDS level of water is more than 4000. I guess no RO will work . What are the other options available?


    • Normal Home Purpose RO water purifiers work only with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. TDS 4000 ppm is very high and only commercial RO Plants can purify such water.

    • Can you please provide some details like TDS levels in your water (Hard or soft water), Number of persons in your family and Budget.

  58. Thanks a ton for your patience and support to choose a best water purifiers according to the need. You are doing an excellent service to the people and keep rocking all the time.

  59. Hi Chaitanya, thanks for the detailed review. How is Livpure as a brand, in terms of customer services and does it maintain the purity of water along with the essential minerals.

  60. At times the BMC water supplied to our building gets contaminated (due to digging activities and breaking open of sewage pipes which results in that water entering the BMC water supply lines)

    Is there any way to filter the water that leaves the overhead tanks before it enters the flats?

    • Most of the water purifiers that I have mentioned above comes with a pre-filter that filters out all the Dust particles and suspended impurities. Also, the Pre RO, Activated carbon filters that are present in the Reverse Osmosis Purifiers are capable of removing Pesticides, Chlorine and any other impurities.

      I am not sure if there is any other process to filter the Overhead tank water. Normally, In Appartments, there will be RO water plants. So, the water will be free from Hard metals before it enters the flats.

      But, you can just install an RO + UV + UF water purifier, and the output water will be pure and tasty with the required amount of minerals. Please note that these water purifiers can work with water having TDS levels up to 1500 ppm.

  61. Hi ,
    I am planing to buy purifier for my home, Usually we get water from both own borewell and open-well depending on availability of water , I heard some purifier dealer telling RO purifiers will not work for soft waters. So please suggest me in buying good purifier below 15000.

    • RO Water purifier with TDS controller works with any kind of water. Top Purifiers like Kent, HUL, Aquaguard comes with a Mineral Guard. So, the natural minerals in the water will not go away. Kent Grand Plus, Aquaguard Enhance are the top models priced around 15K.

        • I have been using Kent Grand Plus for some time and I am satisfied with the Product. Just call the customer service representative of Kent or any other brand in your area and finalize the decision. Good Maintenance and service are required for the water purifiers.

  62. Hello Mr. Chaitanya,

    Thanks for the review.

    I am looking for a vendor who can provide after sales and service. As regular maintenance and replacement is key for RO filters and motors. Can you suggest the vendors who provide best after sales service? Relative rating will also help.

    I live in Bangalore

    Thanks in advance.

    • Free Installation will be provided when you buy online. Yes, you have to opt for a brand that provides good service at your area. Please note that the service provided by these brands might differ from place to place. Just contact Kent, Aquaguard or Pureit customer service. The numbers are listed in the Amazon Product pages.

      • Thanks, Chaitanaya.

        I have come to conclusion that most of perifiers have same technology and requires once per year change in cartridges. AMC and service is most critical for these products.

        I am looking for data either state-wise or region-wise best service provider. Also total cost of ownership also matters. This data seems to be very difficult to get.

  63. Hi there,
    I’m living in an apartment in nizampet, Hyderabad, we are getting the water from bore-well, and the TDS is more than 500, please suggest me the perfect water purifier for drinking.

    Thanks & Regards

    • For Bore Well water with high TDS levels, RO water purifier is recommended. You can opt for an RO + UV water purifier that comes with a TDS modulator. I have already listed the Top models in the above post. Please go through and select the required model.

    • Reverse Osmosis is the most widely used water purification technology When it comes to Domestic water purification, All the Major Indian Brands like Aquaguard, Kent, Pureit, Tata employ RO, UV and UF water purification only.

  64. hi i hv bought Ao smith water plz review about this product it has best Ro membrane its membrane is certified by world water quality association and NSF

    • AO Smith is a USA Based company and as you said their membranes are quality tested and certified. Also, they have patented technologies. But, AO Smith water purifiers don’t have many reviews online. The AO Smith X7 model is WQA certified, and the 7 stage purification process include multiple filters and natural minerals retainer. I have heard that the Maintenance cost of AO Smith water purifiers is a bit higher. Make sure you get the installation done by certified professional.

  65. Sir i hv bought AO Smith water purifier X7 Model is this model is good. I hv spent 18800 for it approx is i have made mistake buying ao smith in place of kent and aquaguard. There Ro membrane is certified by water quality and it has NSF certificate ant it also have min tech i.e is mineraliser technology and it has latest RO+ SCMT technolgy. It has side stream RO membrane technology

  66. Hi Chaithanya, Firstly appreciate for providing much needed answers. My question is that we have inconsistent water supply i.e. One day borewell water and another day tap water through overhead tanks so both with different TDS levels. So can you please advise if Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV can meet our requirement OR do we need another make/technology?

    • Aquaguard Enhance is a good choice. You have said that you get water from both borewell and another tap. I have also had the same situation at my home. But, I connected the water purifier to the Borewell tap. You have to make sure that there will be a consistent water supply for water purifier. As the storage tank capacity of these water purifiers will be around 8 liters, It will be enough for one day.

  67. Hi
    Kya aap bata sakte hai ki (1) Kent grand + (2) aquaguard enhance mein jyada best kaun hai….please suggest me because I have to buy a water purifier for village


    • Both the water purifiers you have mentioned are good. Make sure you call the customer service of Kent and Aquaguard and opt for the brand that offers good support at your place.

  68. Hi
    Many thanks for this service.
    Currently we are getting water from tanker and will most probably get the municipal supply in about 6 months.
    We are a small family and storage is not a concern.Also, not sure of the current tds levels.
    Could you pls recommend a good long life water purifier with less mantenance ..budget is not a major constraint.

    • Municipal water is already treated, but the water passes through the pipes and tanks. So, there will be the bacterium. As you are not concerned about the budget, I suggest you buy an RO + UV water purifier. Aquaguard Geneus, Pureit Ultima, Kent Grand Plus are some of the top-notch RO water purifiers. Make sure you get the service and installation done only by the valid company representative.

  69. Hi Chithanya,

    I am staying in Hyderabad i am looking for a best water purifier in KENT will u suggest suitable one for me with good features one of my friend suggested Kent Supreme how its works?.

    • Kent Supreme comes with RO + UV + UF WITH TDS CONTROLLER. Kent also claims that there will be very little water wastage with this water purifier. Kent supreme is suitable with all water sources.

  70. hi sir i need ur expert view whether to go for lg new ww 170 Ep model or ww180 Ep model becz lg claim that they do not mix Ro and impure water but other company mixes ro amd impure water plz suggest me on that i am planning to buy aquaguard genus or Lg water purifier suggest me the best

    • I can’t comment on the functionality of LG water purifiers. Also, there are negative reviews about LG water purifiers online. If I were you, I would buy the water purifier from well-established brands like Kent, Aquaguard or Pureit.

  71. Is it true that the water from purifier cannot be stored out for a long period before consumption, as the company guys said it has to be consumed from purifier directly as the water will again lose its pure form if kept outside. We usually keep the water in mud pot for consumption for which the sales guy said it is fine to keep in mud pot, not sure if he wanted to make a sale so he agreed to keep it outside, how is it different from keeping in a steel vessel or pot?

    • During the summer, we also prefer mud pot over Refrigerator. If the mud pot or the steel vessel is clean, no need to worry. water will not lose anything 🙂

  72. Hi Chaitanya,
    I am looking to buy an Under The Sink (UTS) RO water purifier. Do you have a separate article for this?
    I am currently looking at 6 different brands and am clearly confused. Kindly help.

    • Both the Undersink and Wall Mounted RO Purifiers comes with a Storage Tank that stores the Purified Water.

      Under the sink, Ro Purifiers are fitted with the Air Pressurized RO Water storage containers and doesn’t occupy much space. Also, the pure water comes out with more force.

      The Pure Water comes from the Tap that will be fitted next to your kitchen sink tap. Please note that there is no difference in the Purification process.

  73. Hello Chaitanya,
    Wonderful to see you so active in replying to all of the questions. A big Thank you for that.

    Can you please help with the below confusion on a water purifier?
    I live in Bangalore in an area which has water from the Municipal corporation(Kaveri water), staying in a rented house and even has additional facility of bore water. We are just family of 2(husband and wife currently) and boil the corporation water which I bring from the tap downstairs(we live in 2nd floor), we even have the facility to pump the corporation water and bore water which then comes from the Overhead tank but prefer to drink the boiled water which I collect from downstairs which I feel is a little more pure than coming from the overhead tank.

    I have been observing that when we boil the water, there is suspended sand particles in the water and does not taste very good(compared to a mineral water).So I went to local super market today who had mentioned that he had an TDS meter and saw that the water has a TDS of 194ppm which is good in terms of hardness but I feel that the water is not free from biological contaminants(gut feeling). Based on the above list and all your responses I am leaning towards Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV+UF Water Purifier but my major problem is I might move out of this place in the near future, so very uncertain about whether to go for a RO+UV+UF purifier with a TDS controller(which would control the TDS not to go below par also), but then RO+TDS controller wouldn’t be useful if I plan to stay here only(confusion). I am trying not to spend 7.5k extra on a Kent Grand+ and then bear the maintenance costs as well(1.5k per year as you mentioned).
    What do you recommend?
    Also, What is the maintenance cost for a UV+UF purifier?
    Will the water have essential minerals if I use a RO+UV+UF purifier? because RO would lower the amount of TDS levels drastically in my current case(not sure if it will go below 30)

    Thanks in advance.

    • 194ppm is okay and there will be not much salts in the corporation water since it is already treated. But, since the water passes through the pipes and tanks, there will be some dust and bacterium. In that case UV+UF will be enough.

      But, there will be no problem even if you opt for an RO water purifier. The TDS controller will retain the natural minerals in the water.

      For UV UF water purifier, the maintenance cost will be low, the UV bulb will work for a long time. You just have to change the Germkill kit every year.

  74. Hi ,
    I had a kidney transplant 3 months ago. I have been drinking kinley water till now. Want to go ahed with a water purifiers that involves 100% purifications through RO &100% purifications through UV/UF. The purifier also involves the minerals technology then it will be a bonus. I do not want to go for a purifier that involves some % of purification through RO and some % UV/UF. my budget is 18k.
    I am in delhi & current TDS level is 850
    kindly suggest.

    • Aquaguard Geneus or Pureit Ultima. Both are High-End models that can work with all sources of water. Both water purifiers come with TDS controller to retain natural minerals in water. Do not worry! All the Hard metals and salts will be removed from the water.

  75. Hi Chaitanya,
    First of all I want to appreciate the good work you are doing.
    I am using bore well water. For lat 1 year and 2 months I am using ZERO B suffire medel water purifier. It started not working and Company took more than 20 days to make it operational the same after daily follow up. First day they told only PCB is to be changed costing Rs.700. When they chahnged the PCB the purifier is working. We observe the rate of discharge is less and for that the mechanic and company person saying that the filter is also to be replaced for that cost is Rs 3800.
    Instead they are suggesting to buy annual maintenance contract for Rs 4600 per year and any thing in the year will be replaced with free. I understand that, every year I need to spend this amount to keep the purifier functioning for a year.
    Thinking whether to continue with this product and once for all discard this product and buy some sensible model. I opted for this model initially as this is 7 stage RO. We are 4 persona family.

    Please suggest.

    • The TDS levels in the Bore Well water will be usually high. So, you need an RO water purifier. Don’t get confused by the stages and technologies mentioned by the water purifier brands. Normally, In most of the RO water purifiers, there will be an RO membrane that is capable of removing the Hard metals. But, In some non-branded or local RO water purifiers, all the salts and minerals get removed from the water which is not good.

      So, we have to buy an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS regulator that retains some natural minerals in the water. UV Bulb in the water purifier offers extra protection by killing all the bacterium. UF or any other filter is required to remove the suspended dust or invisible micro-dust, sand particles from the water.

      As you mentioned above, Rs. 4,600 maintenance charges per year is too much. Normally, It will be around Rs. 1500 to ₹2000 (depends on water quality). I can’t comment on the functionality of ZERO B water purifiers as they are not sold online, and there are not many reviews. So, It is better to choose a water purifier from a reputed brand like Aquaguard, Kent or pureit. Please go through the posts on this website to know in-depth details.

  76. Hi,
    Readers don’t go fir tata company usless and poor quality, not only purifier in automobile also, Example u can see in every roads and near houses only unrepairable tata indica were standing unable to use it, even mahindhra same poor quality makers, but what to do I am very much interested in indian make but I don’t have option

  77. Sir in my area t.ds level is 550 i want to know which company have best R.O membrane i am planning to buy R.O+U.V+U.F Purifier of aquaguard superb or aquaguard genus or kent grand plus plz suggest me the best among all and one thing more you have mentioned that the yearly maintenance cost of R.O+U.V+U.F Purifier is Rs 1500 – 2000 range but i have come to know that the cost of maintenance is Rs 4500 approx because the membrane itself cost 2500 which have to be replaced in a year and filter cost approx 1000 which have to be replaced twice in a year then how u can say that maintenance cost will be 1500. I think the yearly cost of R.O+U.V+U.F Purifier is 4500 approx.

    • Among all the filters, Only the RO filter is costly. The Life of these filters depends on your water Quality. You have to buy the filters only from the Authorized seller or online. I have been using the Kent Grand Plus water purifier since four years, and I had changed the RO membrane only for one time. During these years, I spend around Rs. 5000 on it for changing the filters.

      Both Aquaguard Geneus and Kent Grand Plus water purifiers are good. I can’t suggest you the exact model. You have to opt for a Brand that provides good customer support at your location.

  78. Hi Chaitanya,

    First of all, let me tell you are doing wonderful job for answering all our queries. A BIG THANK U. I stay with my family, a total of 6 ppl. 4 adults and 2 kids under 4 yrs old. What kind of water purifier u recommend. I have a budget of around 10 to 15k. I dont have any idea of water standard which we receive. Which brand would u suggest? Appreciate your reply in advance.

    • If you are not sure about the water quality and hardness levels, Just opt for an RO + UV water purifier that comes with a TDS controller. Kent, Aquaguard, and Pureit are some of the trusted brands. Quick service will be provided if you live in a metropolitan area. Kent Grand Plus, Aquaguard Enhance, Livpure Pep Pro++ are the Top Rated water purifiers under 15K. 7 Litre storage capacity is good enough to store drinking water for a family of 6 members. Even when there is a short power outage, there will enough water left in the tank. Maintenance cost for an RO water purifier will be around Rs. 1500 per year. You have to opt for a brand that provides good customer support in your place.

  79. Hai Chaitanya,
    I am from Hyderabad and planning to buy UV+UF water purifier as I am serviced with muncipal eater. Which will be best among Kent Maxx, Eureka forbes SUPERB & Eureka forbes Enhance?
    Also, I have Eureka forbes iNova purifier which was kept aside for the last 2 years. Can I Reuse it straight away or shall refurbish it before putting it in use?

    • Eureka Forbes Superb is brand new product. Kent Maxx is one of the Top rated UV UF water purifier which is more affordable than the Aquaguard Superb or Enhance. Both of them functions alike and suitable for LOW TDS water.

      If you want to make use of your old water purifier, you have to make sure that the filters are working or you need to replace them.

  80. we live in Indore & TDS of our drinking water is always below 300 ppm. ( Govt. supply Narmada river water). Which purifier is suitable . What about product name ” Suraksha plus pro” OR Pureline 2L from company Zero B? Pls suggest. Thanks in advance.

    • Zero B water purifiers do not have any user reviews at Amazon or Flipkart. If I were you, I would opt for a reputed brand like HUL, Kent or Aquaguard. If there are not many salts in your water, RO is not required.

  81. We are living in indore using drinking water of Narmada river, which having 90 to 100 ppm TDS. Pls suggest best purifier irrespective of price. Thanks in advance.

    • 90 to 100 ppm TDS is low and no need to buy RO water purifier. Just Employ a UV water purifier. If there is dust or lots of floating substance, opt for UV + UF water purifier. Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier is one of the best selling UV water purifiers, and the 7-liter storage tank can hold water for a medium sized family.

  82. Sir I want to purchase a water purifier that should consume less electricity n can be used for commercial purpose. Pls suggest affordable water purifier

  83. Hi Chaitanya,
    TDS is 1000 and borewell is the water source. i checked with eureka forbes they suggest me Dr Aquaguard MAGNA HD RO+UV and the prices is 18490. they told the filter will go for 20 months. Sir is this product is ok. any other good product is there in that range or less.
    What is the the maintenance cost will be there per year. what is biotron in this product how it is working.

    • These water purification companies are confusing the customers by introducing a lot of models with different technologies. Biotron Cartridge acts like a TDS controller.

      When water passes through RO membrane all the salts and Hard metals will be removed. But, our body requires Minerals like calcium and magnesium. The Mineral Guard and Biotron make sure that these natural minerals stay in the water.

      Aquaguard Magna HD-RO UV is a good water purifier and The Maintenance cost for RO water will be around Rs. 1500 per year.

  84. Hi Chaitanya,
    I stay in mumbai and water quality is not so bad here. I need something free flow water purifier. Can you suggest some best options in
    RO and UV + UF.


    • If the water quality is good and there are not much salts (Low TDS) then you can opt for UV UF water purifier. If you are not sure about the TDS levels in the water, opt for an RO water purifier. I have already listed the best water purifiers in the above post. You have to select the model based on your requirements. If you tell me the budget, TDS levels, I can suggest you the suitable water purifier.

      • TDS levels I don’t know, Aquaguard ppl had come to my home to check water , they said water quality is good, we don’t need RO. My budget is around 10,000/- and I’m looking for free flow water purifier as I said before, not storage one. Thanks for your feedback.


        • KENT Ultra UV is the right choice for you. It does not have a storage tank and costs around 5K. Please note that a Storage tank is a must when you have power cuts.

  85. Hi friend.. I’m Arun from Vellore,Tamilnadu.. Borewell is the water source and the TDS is 1600.. Suggest me a good RO(excluding Uv) around 10k with 7 or 8 L capacity.. I prefer a problem free and low maintenance cost RO.. Help me..

    • TDS levels around 1600 is very High. If you are looking for a Budget RO water purifier under 10K, you can opt for Pureit Ro + MF 5 L RO Water Purifier or Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO Water Purifier . Both of them does not feature UV bulb and the maintenance cost will be around ₹1500 per year.

  86. High I want to go for RO+UV+UF water purifier. Kindly suggest which is best? kent grand + or Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+UF+TDS.
    also water supply to our apartment is tankers.

    • Both Kent and Aquaguard employ same technologies to deliver pure water. Enhance and Kent Grand + can work with almost any kind of water source and can retain natural minerals in the water. You have to opt for the brand that provide good customer service at your area.

  87. Good morning,
    I still don’t get it as which one would be really good and efficient. I believe RO, UF and UV are important at every day basis. Not able to differentiate which one suits my needs. I would like to mention some of my requirements, please help me to find to choose the best one.
    Specifications are: electric/non-electric, consumes less electricity
    Low TDS, has alarm to warn us, storage capacity minimum 5L, has good service facility available and upto the budget of Rs 10,000
    Kill/destroy bacteria, clean water thoroughly etc.
    Your best possible response would be much appreciated.

    • For Low TDS water, UV UF combination is good. Kent Maxx 7 liter water purifier comes with the combination of Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration technologies and can kill all the bacterium and also remove them from the water. Also, comes with Filter, UV change Alarm. Maintenance cost will be low when compared with RO water purifier.

  88. Hi, hats off to you man for so much active on this blog.
    I am in mumbai TDs is around 50 BMC water, I need to know I keep on switching homes every 2-3 years, UV UF KENT MAXX IS 7K , SHALL I go ahead with mediocre RO,
    My main worry is 4 month of rainy season in mumbai can infuse fungus in everything here with 90% humidity.
    In short. Shall i need RO OR UV UF , I can go up to 10k because anyways UV UF is 7k around so 3k won’t hurt much, but putting and RO on 50 TDs water m not sure.
    Please help

    • Rain water also has the same TDS i.e. around 50 ppm. You don’t need an RO if the TDS levels are low. You have said that you will be shifting homes every few years. The TDS levels at that place might be higher! If you are sure about the TDS levels in the water, you can opt for Kent Maxx. If you are confused, just opt for an RO UV water purifier. Pureit Classic RO UV, Livepure Glo are priced around 10K. Kent Ace Mineral is also a good choice but it costs ₹3000 more.

  89. Hi All,

    I want to purchase a water purifier ASAP. Could you please help the best RO+UV water purifier around 20k range. If possible suggest me the one which has less water wastage and produces less sound while purification. Also it should retain the essentials minerals.
    Suggest if it is worth to buy – Dr. Aquaguard Magna Nxt HD RO+UV water purifier.


    • There will be some water wastage with every ro water purifier. You can collet the reject water using a drain tube and use it for cleaning and gardening. Pureit ultima, aquaguard geneus, magna, Kent grand plus, supreme are the top ro uv water purifiers that are capable of retaining essential natural minerals. These water purifiers also don’t generate much sound

  90. Hi Chaitanya,

    i want to buy a water filter for my home.i use tanker and bore water in chennai.presently i am buying water cans that is not tasty and it is not soft.
    by going through net i finalised 2 brands:
    Whirlpool Destroyer 6-Litre

    So suggest me best water filter.


    • Kent Superb water purifier comes with RO, UV and UF technologies and is suitable with any water source. Also, the 9 litre storage capacity is enough for large family. As you get water from bore that has more salts, Kent superb will be the better the better choice.

  91. I need to buy water purifier we are six members in our family we need lot of water we are using ground water we are from hyd which will be helpful for us cost is not consideration

    • I am also living in Hyderabad. As you are using ground water, It might have some salts that are bad for our health. So, you have to opt for an RO water purifier. Aquaguard Geneus, Kent Grand Plus and Pureit Ultima are the best RO water purifiers in India . All these water purifiers comes with RO, UV, UF combination and also work with water from any source having High TDS levels.

      7 Liter storage tank is more than enough for a family of 6 members. You can find full details about these water purifiers here.


  92. Hi,
    I am looking for some good water purifier. I came through this purifier online. Can you please review this product and give me the feedback.
    Thanks..!! 🙂

    Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

    • I have already added this water purifiers to the List of Best RO water purifiers. The Product is rated 4+ Stars by more than 500 certified buyers at Flipkart. The water purifier looks good and also work with borewell and ground water.

  93. Hello Chaitanya,
    I am planning to buy a purifier and my TDS is 395. I am bit confused around few models i.e Kent Ace Mineral (RO+UV), Pureit Classic RO+UV, Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV.
    Also please comment on difference between Kent Ace Mineral and Kent Grand plus. Please suggest which one to buy.


    • Except for the Design and the storage tank, There is no much difference between Kent Grand Plus and Kent Ace Mineral water purifiers.

      7 litre storage capacity is good enough to provide pure water for a family of 5-6 members also.

      The Design and the functionality of the water purifiers you have mentioned are good. But, you have to choose the brand that provide good after sale support in your area. Also, buy the water purifier and filters only from a top rated seller at Amazon or Flipkart.

  94. hello chaitanya
    I am planning to buy a water purifier. Earlier I was using Aquaguard, now it has become obsolete and faulty. Their Mechanic are more interested in AMC. . I’m residing in Dwarka, Delhi and our society has already installed central RO plant. Want best for health purifier available in India. In addition to regular Aquaguard, Kent etc. Kindly also review and suggest about LG, AO SMITH etc.
    waiting for your reply.

    • Most of the people opt for Kent, HUL Pureit, Tata Swach or Aquagaurd water purifiers. As your society had already installed an RO plant, the TDS levels in your water will be normal. So, you can just buy UV UF water purifier.

      Can’t comment about LG or AO smith water purifiers. Also, there are no user reviews on their products at Amazon and Flipkart.

  95. Hi Chaitanya,

    I am planning to buy water purifier for my home. I am confused out of these two which one to buy.
    1. Kent Grand+ 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV + UF Water Purifier
    2. Eureka Forbes Enhance 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
    Can you please review and let me know which is better. Cost wise there is no much difference in these two.
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Both the water purifiers you have mentioned are Good. I have been using Kent Grand Plus at my home from the past couple of years and I am happy with that. The service is also good in Hyderabad. I suggest you choose the Brand that offers best After Sale support in you Area. The Maintenance cost for both these water purifiers will be around ₹1500 per year.

      • Thank you for your feedback. In my area we get hard water. For kent grand, TDS levels up to 500 ppm. Will this be good?

        • Yes, Kent Grand Plus can work with Hard Water having more TDS levels. we also connected this water purifier with Ground water tap.

  96. Hi, so we are in an area where there’s low TDS water and no power outage issues either, the water also comes in good pressure.
    We’re looking at buying a water purifier under 13k with UV+UF (or is only UV enough?) and don’t want a storage one either but an online one that’ll purify the water as and when we start the tap or so. So I assume that those 7 ltrs and other models are of no use. Please recommend some good models to look at!

    • UV is enough if there is are no dissolved particles and dust in the water.Kent Ultra UV water purifier has no storage tank and it is one of the best selling UV models online. There are also a few UV models with no storage tank from Eureka Forbes.

      For 13K, you get RO + UV water purifiers. In case, you get water from Bore well or ground water or if you move to other place in future. It is better to buy an RO water purifier.

        • All the RO + UV water purifiers comes with a storage tank. Kent Ace Mineral, Aquaguard Enhance, Livpure Pep Pro++, Pureit Classic are some of the good RO + UV water purifiers priced below 13K.

  97. Can u suggest me a water purifier under 13k ?
    Ro and uv is must, also take account of maintenance cost and after sales services.

    1. EF aquaguard enhance (ro+uv+tds) priced at Rs 12,344 from csd.
    2. Livpure Touch plus (ro+uv+uf+taste enhancer) priced at Rs 12,682 from csd.
    3. HUL Pureit Classic (RO + UV) priced at Rs 9,700 from amazon.
    4. Or any other ??

    I have mentioned EF and Livpure water purifier because getting Rs 3,000 off on mrp on both products from csd. Hence, could b a nice deal and HUL pureit product by reading your above comments.
    And yes I will buy whatever you suggest. Waiting for the comment.

    • Have a look at Livpure Pep Pro++ RO + UV+ UF at Flipkart. The water purifier is the best selling Livpure model at Flipkart and is priced at 11,999.

      • Thanks for the reply. But according to their fb page, it seems their services are very poor.
        what about EF aquaguard enhance ?

        • Aquaguard enhance comes with the combination of RO and UV technologies. The water can work with all kinds of water sources. The Service of Eureka Forbes is good in Metropolitan areas and towns.

  98. Hello Chaitanya,

    I am from Coimbatore and looking to purchase water purifier. I am totally confused which purifier I should opt for. Can you please suggest me which one to buy. We are family of five. The taste of the water is pretty good here but we keep on shifting. In addition, I am also confused with the comments is major sites. Please suggest for more than 7 litres with RO + UV.
    Looking forward to receive your reply.

    Sunita Agarwal

    • I have been using Kent Grand Plus RO UV water purifier since 2 years and I haven’t faced any issues. The taste of the output water is also good. Every eight months, we have to change a filter that costs Rs. 800.

      Pureit Ultima, Aquagaurd Geneus, Enhance and Kent Ace Mineral are other options that you can consider.

  99. Hi

    I am looking to purchase LivPure water purifier. I have zeroed on LivPure Pep model. Can you please suggest if its a good choice.
    Where I’m staying TDS is high and want to have UV filtration also. Maintenance wise and after sales service I have less idea.

    looking forward to your expert view.


    • The Water Purifier looks good, and the LivPure Pep model can work with water having TDS levels up to 1500 ppm. There are no much user reviews at Amazon or Flipkart. So, Can’t comment on their service. You can call Livpure Toll Free Service No 1800 – 419 – 9399 to find about installation details.

      The Maintenance cost for any RO water purifier will be around Rs. 1500 per year.

  100. Hi, I am residing at Ahmedabad . We use bore water where tds level is 1800 ppm plus test is salty . My family consist 4 major and 2 children. Can you suggest me best water purifier.

    • As the TDS levels in your Bore water is very high, you need to opt for an RO water purifier. If there are a lot of suspended particles like Dust, you have to buy an RO + UF water purifier.

      Pureit Ultima, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance comes with combination RO, UF, and UV technologies and are an ideal choice for a large family like yours. These water purifiers are suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells or overhead storage tanks.

  101. Hi Chaitanya
    I am based in Chennai and planning to buy water purifier but I was confused to buy because there are many models available in the market actually we are using bore water and TDS is 1650. Could you please advise which is best for my usage. Also I required with hot and cold water option.


    • The TDS levels in your water is very High. So, you need to buy an RO water purifier. Both the Hul Pureit Ultima and Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus water purifiers can work with water having TDS levels upto 2000 ppm.

      The Compactness of the water purifier will be gone when the manufacturer include hot and cold water options. So, there are no good water purifiers with such options.

  102. Hi Chaitanya

    I am Vishul Sapra from Sector 56, Gurgaon. I have to buy a RO for my family, we are three members me, my wife n small kido 8 months. Now using Bisleri water bottle thrice in a week. I am on rent in Huda plots & generally shift after 3 years or so. I am confused which RO is good to go. I just read about TDS Controller that it keeps the minerals in water & i just want to drink good water that will be good for my family & low maintenance too. Please advice.

    Vishul Sapra

    • Kent grand plus RO UV water purifier comes with a TDS controller and is capable of retaining the natural minerals in the water. We are family of four members and I have been using the Kent Grand Plus since 2 years. Annual Maintenance cost will be around Rs. 1500. I have alos compiled the List of Best RO water purifiers. You can check that post for in-depth details 🙂

  103. Hi Chaitanya,

    I am staying in electronic city phase 2 Bangalore. I don’t have any idea about the water which we are using apart from the water is very salty. We have six months old baby in our family of five members. Our budget is maximum 12k.

    Please advice which purifier we can buy.

    • The cost of the LG water purifier is high when compared with Kent, Aquagaurd and Pureit water purifiers. The LG RO comes with stainless steel tank and the Purifying Technology is same as other purifiers. Also, the maintenance cost will be high when compared with other brands. I have read some negative reviews about LG RO at amazon but they are not form the verified buyers and we can’t take them into consideration.

  104. Hi Chaitanya,
    I am from Hyderabad with family members 4-5. My water TDS level is 130-150. So could you please suggest which would be the best suitable for me.
    And also could you please let me know how the below product is?
    Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO + UV + Mineral Cartridge + Biotron

    • Aquaguard Geneus is a better product than the Magna. The TDS levels in your water source is low and an UV water purifier is the perfect choice for you. Kent Maxx 7 litre water purifier is the right choice for you (Recommended for Municipal Water). If you want to buy an RO UV, go for kent grand+, Auqagurd enhance or pureit classic ro uv.

      • Can you please let me know about this particular product?
        Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO + UV + Mineral Cartridge + Biotron

  105. Hi Chaitanya,

    I am currently residing in Haryana. I have been using aqua guard UV water purifier. The water supply here has high TDS , combined with dirt particles. My budget is about 10,000. Will aqua guard REVIVA ( RO+UV+TDS) model be suitable for me? I have heard that the maintenance cost of RO is high. Any advise regarding the brands with low maintenance cost?

    • UV water purifier is not effective when the water contains lot of dust. UV rays can not penetrate into virus as they will be blocked by dust. Aqua guard REVIVA is good, but the price of the water purifier is around Rs. 14,000. Pureit Classic RO UV is priced around 10K. Maintenance cost will be around Rs. 1500 for any RO water purifier. But, It is worth it. If you consider the Gas cost for boiling water or the price of a water can, the annual maintenance money you spend on Ro will be low.

  106. my query is : The purifier models you have given in your reply like KENT MAXX , once the water is purified in these model , do we have to heat the water or we can save GAS energy.
    Also, Thank you VS Chaitanya for this wonderful support on purifiers.

    • No need to boil the water. The UV bulb kills 99% bacteria and virus. Even the gravity based water purifiers give the water that is safer than the boiled water.

  107. Hi Chaitanya,

    From: Surat(Gujarat)
    Preferred choice: Aquasure Maxima Ro +uv 6L..
    Water source:Municipal corp.
    Water quality: not salty..don’t know about the TDS..but contains some shell like things in the main water tank..
    Family:5 members.
    In what conditions can we prefer an Ro+uf?
    Is it enough of having just a Uv purifier..

  108. Hi Chaitu,

    What about buying aquasure maxima UV+Ro 6L or just UV..I’m having a family of 5 members..having water supplied by municipal corp..under which situation can we buy a Ro+Uf purifier??bcoz there is a prize gap of 2000 between the Uf and the UV variant…looking forward for your reply!!!

    • These water purifier companies confuse the customers launching more number of models. As you get water from municipal corporation which is already treated, you can just opt for UV purifier. But, Make sure the TDS levels in your water source are low. I have already written a post about difference between the RO UV and UF technologies. Please check it out 🙂 UF membrane can filter all the suspended particles and removes the bacterium whereas the UV bulb kills 99% of virus and microbes

  109. Hi Chaitanya!
    I m put up in bangalore where the TDS is 700 to 900 ppm.
    I have read so much about the different water purifier available in the market.
    Which brand n model would u recommend which is low on maintance n cost effective at the same time i want the best n safe drinking water.
    Thanks in advance

    • If the TDS levels in the water are high, you have to buy an RO water purifier. UV bulb offers extra protection and make sure the water is 99% free from bacterium. If the water source contains a lot of suspended dust, an UF filter is also required. If you are sure there is no visible particles, RO + UV water purifier is enough.

      You can opt for Pureit Classic RO UV if you are a small family. Aquaguard Enhance, Geneus, pureit Ultima and Kent Grand Plus are suitable for medium or large family.

  110. Hi Chaitanya ,
    I am from Kolkata ( Narendrapur Area) . Here water is very hard . After boiling water , we found lot of white colour layer on water . Currently I am using Kinley/BIsleri Can water from stores . Now I am planning to buy RO+VF+UV water purifier . I have almost made my mind for Kent Grand + but after going through the review on flipkart & amazon about the aftersales & service . Even some people are complaining about product quality . This review is same for Aquaguard Geneus and HUL Ultima . Now , I am bit confused which brand to opt . Also guide me whether buying from online site ( Flipkart or Amazon) will be good or should I go to local retail store

    • When you Buy Online at Amazon or Flipkart you can avail some discount. The Water purifier will be installed by the Brand Representative only. If you live in a Metropolitan area, the installation will be done within 2 days. All the three water purifiers you have mentioned are good. I have been using Kent Grand+ since 2 years and haven’t faced any issues. We just have to change the filter every 8 months and the cost of the filter is Rs. 1000

  111. I am planning to buy a water purifier with RO+UV+UF technology, I have gone through the reviews on websites and online shopping sites. I have seen that with same features there are products available in ₹5000 and also ₹20000. How to choose out of those. Please help!

    • I Don’t think there are RO UV UF water purifiers that are priced at Rs. 5000. Please note that the water purifier is a one-time investment and you have to spend your hard earned money on a trusted brand.

      If you are looking for an RO + UV + UF water purifier, you can opt for Kent Grand Plus, AQuagaurd Geneus or Pureit Ultima. Also, Ultrafiltration is required only if the water is muddy.

  112. I am looking to buy a Water purifier. I have access to Muncipal Water and to bore water. These days the water from the Muncipal tap tastes like chemical. So, I am planning to buy a water purifier. I have 4 members in my family and 2 Kids.
    I was thinking to go with RO + UV technology keeping in view of the future prospects even. I did lot of research and found lot of models but I am bit confused on which model to buy:
    Kent Pearl / Kent Grand + / Eureka Forbes Genus / Pure IT.

    So, can you please recommend a good water purifier. Thanks in advance!

    • Do not opt for Kent Pearl. The model has a faulty design. I have been using Kent Grand Plus since two years, and the water purifier is good. But, There will be some maintenance cost.

      Of course, Maintenance cost is a must for every water purifier. Eureka Forbes Geneus is also one of the top rated water purifiers that come with RO UV and UF technologies. You can also consider Pureit Ultima that has 10-liter storage capacity.

  113. I want best water purifier Ian staying in Tirupati rent house table top model tds level around 700 to 800 ppm now which one is best we are 10 members family with low maintenance cost please suggest I am unable take decision some one is told KENT,PUREIT,EUREKA is having high cost while changing of membrane and filters so please suggest economy filters

    • If the TDS levels Levels in the water are more than 500 ppm, there will be more salts in the water. So, you have to buy an RO water purifier.

      If you are on a tight budget – You can consider buying Pureit Classic RO+MF 5 litre water purifier. Yes, there will be maintenance cost for every RO water purifier. It will be around Rs. 2000 per year.

      Mr. Srinivas, even if you boil the water, there will be some gas cost. The Maintenance cost for a water purifier is less when compared with the money you spend to buy a Mineral water can.

      As you told that you are a family of 10 members, Do not buy a Gravity Based water purifier as you have to fill the water manually which is a difficult task.

  114. Hi,
    1. I am staying in village. I am planning to buy water purifier. We are using the water from lake. pond and also well water for drinking. But now a days the water looks pale yellow color with dirty. I do no the TDS level of water. Can you please suggest me which water purifier i can prefer. I am looking the product for good purification, robust in life and service should be good (If required).

    2. My friend planning to buy water purifier.They using the bore water and also corporation supplied water Can you please suggest the best water purifier.


    • If the Water is dirty and the TDS levels are high, you have to opt for an RO water purifier. You can measure the TDS levels of the water using a TDS meter or you can test it at Lab.

      If the TDS is low and the water is dirty, you can opt for UV + UF water purifier.

  115. hellow ,

    i was planning to purchase new launched Pureit Classic Uv+, kindly suggest me is it good one to buy in UV and UF filter?

    • Pureit Classic is a good water purifier and it is available in two variants. RO UV and RO MF combination. They have also recently launched the UV+ model and the maintenance cost for this model is low when compared with the other RO purifiers. Also, there is no storage tank. So, buy this when there is no frequent power outage at your home.

      As I mentioned in the post, you can opt for UV+ model if the TDS levels in the water are low.

      UF is required when there are a lot of suspended particles in the water.

  116. HI Chaitanya,

    Please suggest the best brand and model for use in Punjab. The water is pumped out of ground from about 200+ feet deep. The price is of no consideration for clean water. I started my journey at Kent Grand+ but it offered only 500 ppm TDS protection so I moved to Aquaguard Geneus as it offers upto 2000 ppm TDS, then reading your post comments I moved to LG as they offer steel storage and also don’t mix RO & UF water. So far LG looks the best but then it is only 5 stage purification as opposed to Geneus 6 stage. I got confused now, so reaching out the subject matter expert to suggest the best of best please. We are family of 5 and visit India for 2-3 weeks every year so a system that can stay in good shape during long periods of non-use would also help. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • LG water purifiers are just launched and I can’t comment about the quality and service. If the TDS levels are above 500, you can opt for Aquaguard Geneus. You can also consider HUL Pureit Ultima which also works with Water having more TDS.

      • If you are staying in India for only 2-3 weeks every year. You can just buy Mineral Water.
        Because, the Maintenance cost for an RO Water purifier will be around Rs, 2500 per year and proper maintenance and clean surroundings must be ensured for the purifier to work for longer periods.

      • Thanks Chaitanya. Please rate how is the CXL Titon water filter system? It has RO+UV+TDS but I don’t see this product anywhere but their own site. They claim it to be India’s best 12 stage filter system.

        • 12-Stages for water purification! Never heard of the product.

          If I were you, I would opt for a water purifier from a well established brand that offers good support.

  117. Hi Chaitanya,
    Thanks for your post. I am looking to buy Aquagaurd RO Water Purifier: Geneus. Mainly because the product claims that it detects the water quality and uses the appropriate technology RO+UV or UF+UV. However, many people on Amazon are giving it a bad review for their service. I am confused whether or not to buy it. Can you please give your review about this product?
    Thank you in advance.

    • All the Major water purifier brands provide quick support in Metropolitan Areas. Aquagaurd Geneus is a good water purifier and is an ideal choice for medium, large families.

  118. Hi Chaitanya,

    I stay in electronic city bangalore in a rented house where water is provided by local panchayat , not really sure about quality of the water.
    which of the above purifiers would you suggest for me?

    • Normally, Water provided by Local Water supply is treated. You can take the water is to a lab and test the levels of TDS. If not possible, Just boil the water, If there is a lot of whites, floating substance, that means the water contains more TDS.

      For Small family, 5 liter storage is good. You can opt for Pureit Classic. If the TDS is low, Just by an UV water purifier.

  119. I want to buy a purifier which works without electricity and has both RO and UF. Because in our town we get water from borewell and u don’t know the TDS level. My Mom has health issues and I am looking for the best water purifier. Please suggest.

    • All the RO Water purifiers require electricity to operate. Only UF water purifiers works without electricity and they don’t work with water having High TDS levels.

      So, better opt for an Budget RO like, Pureit Classic RO UV Model or RO + MF model. Other options include Aquasure Nano 4 L RO.

      Whirlpool has also recently launched a Destroyer EAT Non-Electric water purifier that works with TDS levels up to 500 ppm.

  120. Hi Chaitanya,

    Thanks a lot for your quick response. I have stumbled upon your website today luckily and would recommend this to all my friends.

    Please carry on with the good work. Wish you all the best.

  121. Hi Chaitanya,

    Thanks for all the information. The Kaveri water in my place has a TDS of around 250-300. My wife is suggesting the Pureit Classic RO+UV . My point is if the RO membrane does not have to do much work, then its longevity will be more.

    What do you think about Pureit Classic RO+UV? I am staying in a rented house in Bangalore and might have to change house in next 2-3 years and so not sure about the quality of water later.

    • For 250-300 RO is not required. Pureit Classic RO+UV is one of the best selling RO UV models right now and is best suited for a small family of 4 or 5 members.
      The Job of the RO Membrane is to remove the Hard metals from the water. If you water has less TDS, the filter will have more life. Also, If you receive water from public water supply which is not properly maintained, there is a chance of Lead entering the water. I also agree with your wife, better opt for and RO UV so it will be future proof and you don’t have to worry about anything.

  122. Hello, i am planning to buy a Water pruifier which has stainless steel tank. I checked and found only Bluelife Tulip models available good and no many other options available. Can you suggest if they are good and if any other company provide the stainless steel tank.

    Also for <500 TDS, do we definetly need RO as it can increase the acidic level of water. Please advice. Thanks ..

    • RO is not required if the TDS is low. LG water purifier has Stainless steel tank, but they are costly when compared with other brands. Reputed brands like Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard use Food Safe Plastic to build the water purifiers and they are sturdy.

      Have a look at the model: LG Water Purifier WAW35RW2RP 8 L RO + UF Water Purifier

  123. Kent Maxx have membrane pore of 0.1 micron, whereas to qualify as UF the pore size should be 0.01 micron. This is clearly specified on their website. So it not a true UF as claimed by the company. They have another product Kent Smart which is 0.01 micron. This it is UF filter.

    My recommendation is to look out for BARC technology based UF filters. I am sure they would be the most authentic in terms of filteration as it is developed by BARC. But unfortunately no big brand have BARC tech based products

  124. Hi,

    Looking for a UV + UF water purifier… I hear Tata swach does not have esy access to the tank and hence no cleaning possible.
    With Kent Maxx I have heard that it it requires some pre filter to be installed as well which is an additional cost.
    Please clarify

    • A Pre-Fliter is required only when there is a lot of dust or sand particles in the water.

      Kent Maxx i s the Best rated UV + UF water purifier. Before the water enter the UV chamber, all the suspended dust particles are removed by UF Membrane.

      Water must be free from dust so the UV rays kill all the bacteria and virus.

  125. Hi,

    I am planning to buy new water purifier formy home. I am from Mumbai. After reading few articles on internet, I have concluded that UF filter will be best for my needs. Please validate if my conslusion is correct.
    Can you please suggest the best one. Further please clarify if UF + UV will make any sense. Budget is not a consideration in my case. We are family of 6 and consume lots of water.

    Warm regards,
    Sunzay Passari

    • If you are sure that the TDS levels in the water are low, you can opt for UF water purifier. UF is needed if the water contains a lot of suspended particles. UV bulb is powerful, It is the one that kills bacteria and virus.

      If you are looking for the best UV + UF water purifiers, here is the list

      Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier
      Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 6 litres

  126. Kent has launched a product named as Kent Superb.Please review it.Is it better than Kent Supreme or Pearl.
    As only these are the two products who has Auto flush system.Rest all of the things are same just a difference in dimensions.

    • Thank you for mentioning. I will review it. Do not opt for Kent Pearl, the Model has a faulty design and users are complaining about cockroaches entering inside it.


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