Before Jumping into the list of Best RO water purifiers, first, you need to know a little bit about the RO and UV water purification technologies. For the sake of readers, I am writing all the posts is simple language so that everyone can easily understand all the terms and pick the right water purifier that suits your needs.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The RO water purifiers use a very fine membrane to purify the water. Only a Reverse Osmosis water purifier has the capability to remove the dissolved salts present in the water.

What are Total Dissolved salts (TDS)?

TDS is a measure of combined content of all inorganic and organic substances contained in a liquid in dissolved form. We all know that rain water is the purest form of the water. The level of the Dissolved salts present in the rainwater is lower than 40Mg/L. So, without any second taught, you can drink Rainwater which is practically not possible every day.

Water Pollution is caused by wastage from factories, refineries, Washing of livestock in lakes and rivers, unreasonable use of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and many other sources. Due to the impact of the environmental pollution caused by us, the TDS level in the ground water is also increasing regularly.

Some of the harmful dissolved salts present in the water are Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury. These Harmful salts are the reason for dangerous diseases. Cadmium in water is one of the main reason for Kidney problems and constant exposure to arsenic in water can also cause cancer. The Effect of the Harmful metals and dissolved salts will be more in infants and children than on Adults.

So, What should we do?

You can install a Reverse Osmosis water purifier at your home which is capable of removing the dissolved salts present in the water!


The Conventional RO water purifiers that are available in the market will remove all the dissolved salts present in the water and can cause a mineral deficiency. Minerals are inorganic substances which are much required for humans to maintain a healthy and happy life. Some of the essential minerals found in the water are Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. So, You should buy an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS Modulator/Controller.

Some of the Top Water purification Brads like Kent, HUL Pureit, Aquaguard, and Tata are offering RO water purifiers along with a TDS controller. The TDS Modulator can retain the natural minerals present in the water.

Why UV + RO Water purifier?

Ultraviolet Water Purification: There are a lot of UV water purifiers available online in India. A UV water purifiers employ a UV Bulb that passes the powerful UV Rays into the water. The UV Rays are 99% capable of killing all the Bacteria, Viruses, and Cysts present in the waterIf you are living in a place where you get water from public water supply or the TDS levels in the water is low, you can opt for a UV water purifier. Please note that an Ultraviolet Water Purifier is not capable of removing the dissolved salts present in the water.

The Combination of RO + UV technologies in the water purifier can you the safe, healthy and tasty drinking water. Don’t forget the TDS modulator!

Best RO water purifiers In India 2017

The below list of Best RO water purifiers is based on the Technical Specifications, Robustness, storage capacity, water purification technology, average user rating of water purifier and value for money.

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1. HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO + UV water Purifier


Pureit Classic From Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the Best Selling and Best Budget RO + UV water Purifier in India. The Pure water storage capacity of the Pureit Classic is 5 liters. The best thing about the Pureit Classic is, It can work with water having TDS levels up to 1800ppm. So, even if your water source is Hard or you receive water from Bore Wells, Ground Water, Over Head Tank, The water purifier can give you soft and tasty drinking water.

The RO Membrane in the Pureit Classic RO + UV is capable of removing Hard Metals like Cadmium, Arsenic, lead and mercury. The Design of the Water Purifier is Compact and Stylish, the Plastic that is used to build the Pureit Classic is Food Safe, non-toxic and engineering grade plastic. The Outlet water tap is also break resistant.

The Six Stage Water purification include Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter to remove suspended particles, chlorine, and other volatile organic compounds. The UV chamber in the Last stage makes sure that the water is completely free from Virus, cysts, and bacterium.

HUL also employed a Voltage Fluctuation Guard that protects the water purifier from Sudden voltage changes. After you order the water purifier online, you can contact Hul service at 1860 210 1000, 1860 500 5678 and they will provide free installation within 2-3 Days. If you want to check the Maintenance cost of a water purifier, you can find it here. All in all- The Pureit Classic RO UV 5 liter water purifier offers full value for your money.


Key Features

  • 6-Stage RO + UV Purification
  • Water storage capacity is 5 liters
  • TDS Removal up to 1800 PPM
  • Break-Resistance Tap

2. Aquaguard Geneus RO + UV +UF water purifier


If you are looking for a water purifier that works with water from any source, Aquaguard Geneus is the right choice. This water purifier detects the quality of the water and chooses the optimum purification technology to purify the water.

The RO Membrane in the Aquaguard Geneus can the remove the Harmful and toxic dissolved salts while maintaining essential natural minerals in the water. The Mineral Gaurd in this water purifier works by extracting the Best RO Performance and rejects the excess minerals. Aquaguard Geneus can work with water having Hight TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.

With the combination RO, UV and UF technologies, this water purifier can remove harmful impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, rust, salts, bacterium, and cysts. As I mentioned earlier, Aquaguard Geneus comes with a Taste Enhancer. So, No Matter what the water source is, you will always get pure water with a sweet taste.

Corrosion-Free ABS plastic is used in the construction of the Aquaguard Geneus and the pure water storage capacity of this water purifier is 7 liters and there will enough water left in the storage tank even when there is a power outage. Aquaguard Geneus is Fail-proof, and the water purifier comes with an Intelligent sensor which warns you if there is a need to change the cartridge. Also, If the RO Membrane in this water purifier is not original, the indicator will keep blinking.

On the whole, Aquaguard Geneus is a value for money water purifier that gives you pure and tasty water that is suited for all water sources like Bore Wells, Municipality water or Tanker.


Key Features

  • RO + UV + UF + Mineral modulator
  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer (EMLE)
  • LED display and water level sensor
  • Water from many sources – municipal, borewells, tankers
  • Purified Water Flow Rate: 15 liter/minute
  • Installation Type: Wall mounting and Tabletop
  • Capacity: 7 liters

3. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

HUL Pureit ultima

Say thanks to the technicians of the Hindustan Unilever Limited, and they have designed an excellent RO + UV water purifier not only regarding purification but also in design and robustness. The HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier has a storage tank that can store 10 liters of water, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of water even when you have guests at your home, or there is a power cut.

The Water purifier has to be mounted on the kitchen wall. As you can see in the image, there is a Neon Flash Belt attached Pureit Ultima that glows up whenever you press the Dispenser switch. The H2O purifier easily dispenses water with just a press of a button. With Black and Silver Blend, the Design of the Water purifier is excellent. A Food Grade Plastic material is used to construct the Pureit Ultima, which enhances the safety and robustness.

The Pureit Ultima comes with a purity indicator so you can always check out the levels of Both Input and Output water. Along with one year warranty, HUL also offers free installation. You just have to call the support team at 18602101000. Coming to the water purification process, the Pureit Ultima employs a 6-Stage purification method that can flush out all the visible and invisible evil particles from the water.

In the Primary Stage, there is a pre-sediment filter that removes the visible particles like mud and dust from the water. There is Pre-RO Carbon filter at the next level that flushes away the chlorine and pesticides (If any) Present in the water. In the Later stages, the RO Membrane performs its job by removing all the dissolved bacteria, viruses, cysts and Hard metals present in the water. This is the stage where the evils salts like Lead and Cadmium are washed away from the water.

Also, the TDS modulator retains the essential Natural minerals thereby improving the taste of the water. In the Fifth Stage, the water passes through the UV bulb, so there is no way for the bacterium and Cysts to live in the water. For additional safety, HUL employs a Post RO Water filter that further enhances the safety of water by removing the dead bacteria residing in water. The Best thing about the Pureit Ultima is, the water purifier can purify water that has TDS levels up to 2000ppm.

Say thanks to the HUL Technicians, and they employed a Digital Advance alert system in the Pureit Ultima that tracks the Life of Germkill Indicator. An alert will popup if there is a need to change the Germkill Kit. You have fifteen days to replace the filter (Saftey fail mechanism). All in all, I can say that the Pureit Ultima is one of the Best RO + UV water purifiers in India. The water purifier is also rated 4+ by more than 250 real buyers at Amazon.


Key Features

  • 6 stage purification
  • 10-liter storage
  • RO + UV and TDS Modulator
  • Digital Advance alert system
  • Soft touch water dispensing

4. Kent Grand+ 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Grand+

When we are talking about the Best water purifiers, the list will not be complete without a Kent water purifier. Kent is one of most reputed and trusted water purification brands in India. The Kent Grand+ RO + UV water purifier comes with Kent’s patented Mineral ROTM Technology.

Kent’s Path Breaking RO+UV+UF+TDS controller not only purifies the water but also retains the required natural minerals. The Kent ROTM technology ensures that the water becomes not only pure but also healthy and tasty. The Kent Grand+ RO + UV water purifier can be placed on your Kitchen wall, and the capacity of the storage tank is 8 liters.

The Design of the Kent Grand+ is Robust and Fail Safe. The Water Purifier sports a transparent design and all the components inside the water purifier are visible. As I mentioned earlier, the Kent Grand+ is fail-safe, and there are Filter change and UV Bulb change alarms that will notify you if there is a need to change them.

The Kent Grand Plus is also Tamper Proof hence there is no chance for water spills, leakages, and cockroaches entering the water purifier. Some of the users are complaining about “Cockroaches entering Kent Pearl water purifier (Old Model).” Unlike Kent Peral, the Kent Grand+ is Tamper proof and tightly sealed, so there is no chance for nonsense issues.

Even though the Kent Grand+ is tamper proof and fail-safe, It is your responsibility to keep the surroundings of the water purifier clean. The Kent Grand+ is Fully Automatic RO + UV Water Purifier with Auto-On and Off. The Water purifier has double purification of RO + UV, which even removes the dissolved and harmful impurities.

Kent’s Patented TDS control system preserves the essential natural minerals like Calcium and magnesium which are much required to stay hydrated and maintain healthy living. You can use the Kent Grand+ water purifier with raw water from all types of sources like Taps, Over Head Tanks, Bore Wells, Water tankers, and municipal taps.

Features of Kent Grand+ RO + UV water purifier

  • Digital Alarm System that includes filter change and UV Fail Alarm. An Alarm will ring if the filter expires.
  • The Purifier will not function until you replace the Ultraviolet bulb.
  • There is a Spin-Welded RO membrane housing to prevent tampering.
  • The Purification capacity of the Kent Grand+ is 15 liters/hour and the water purifier can purify 75 liters of water in a day.
  • Since the storage capacity of the water purifier is 8 liters, the water purifier will work perfectly for a medium family with even 6-7 members.

You can always have a look at the level of Drinking water present in the storage tank.


Technical Specifications

  • Purification Capacity: 15 liters/hour
  • Max. Duty Cycle : 75 liters/day
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 8 liters
  • Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon
  • RO Membrane: 1812-75 GPD
  • UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt
  • Net Weight: 9.4 kgs

5. Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier


The Brand New Livpure Pep Pro is one of the Top Rated RO water purifiers that is rated 4+ Stars by more than 500 Real Buyers at Flipkart. Sporting a storage capacity of 7 Liters Livpure Pep Pro water purifier implements RO, UV and UF technologies to deliver the pure water. This RO water purifier also comes with a taste enhancer, so the users get not only pure but also tasty water.

The Livpure Pep Pro Looks stylish and also compact. The water purifier weighs just 5.8 kgs, and you can easily mount the water purifier on your Kitchen Wall. Also, Food Safe and Non-Toxic Plastic is used to construct the water purifier, So there will be no chance for the foul smell.

Coming to the purification, The Livpure Pep Pro employs six-stage water purification that includes Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Block Cum Adsorber, Anti-Scalant Cartridge, Ro Membrane, UV Disinfection Column and Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge.

The Livpure Pep Pro++ Also works with Borewell water having High TDS levels. As I mentioned earlier, the combination of Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet purification gives you the safest drinking water. The Pep Pro++ can purify up to 12 liters of water in an hour. Also, there are power and Purification level indicators.

The 7 Litre Livpure Pep Pro++ RO UV Water Purifier comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and is a Value for Money RO Water purifier that you can buy online at Amazon or Flipkart.

Key Features

  • Type: Electrical & Storage
  • Purifying Technology: RO + UV +UF
  • Total Capacity: 7 L
  • Filtration Capacity: 12 L/hr
  • Tank Material: Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Grade ABS

6. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO+UV 

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO+UV

The following water purifier in the list of Best RO + UV Water Purifiers in India is Aquaguard Enhance from Eureka Forbes. The 7 liter RO + UV water purifier also comes with a TDS regulator. Tha Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance can be attached to the kitchen wall, or it can also be placed on a table (Wall mounting and Tabletop)

With the combination of both Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet water purification technologies, the Aquaguard Enhance gives you the safest drinking water and your children will always be safe from life-threatening water-borne diseases.

The RO Membrane repudiate the excess Minerals i.e. the hard metals and other chemical contaminants in the water. At the same time, the TDS regulator regulates the water purification and retains the essential natural minerals that are much needed for us to maintain a healthy life. The Best thing about the Aquaguard Enhance water purifier is, it comes with a Mineral Gaurd that can heighten the performance of the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

The Mineral Gaurd prevents the scaling development on the RO membrane thereby ensuring that the Water purifier rejects the dangerous dissolved salts like lead, cadmium and other pesticides. The Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV offers a chemical-free water purifying process. The Fully Automattic water purifier is constructed using an ABS body that is not only food safe but also corrosion-free.

In addition to all these features, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO+UV water purifier also comes with a Taste enhancer and the output water will be sweet and your kids will love the taste of water. Top features include Mineral Gaurd, Triple purification with RO+UV+UF and TDS regulator.

On the whole, the 7 liter RO + UV Aquaguard Enhance Water purifier is an ideal water purifier choice for a small family. Free installation and demo will be provided by the manufacturer.


Key Features

  • Type: Electrical & Storage
  • Purifying Technology: RO + UV +UF
  • Total Capacity: 7 L
  • Filtration Capacity: 15 L/hr
  • Tank Material: Food safe, non-toxic

7. HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF 5-Litre Water Filter


The HUL Pureit Classic RO Water purifier comes with the combination of MF (Micro Filtration Membrane and is best suited for a small family. The Pureit Classic RO + MF water purifier can store up to Five liters of purified drinking water and can work with water having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm.

The water purifier can work with various water sources like Borewells, Tap water, Over Head Tanks, Municipality water, and whatnot! If you are looking for a Budget RO purifier priced under Rs. 10,000, you can either opt for Pureit classic RO + UV or Pureit Classic RO + MF depending on your requirement.

The Pureit Classic RO + MF water purifier employs a six-stage water purification process that includes Pre-Sediment Filter. Carbon Filter which removes the suspended dust, mud particles, chlorine, pesticides and other organic compounds from the water.

The Key role is played by the Reverse Osmosis Membrane that removes the Dissolved salts and Hard metals like Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Mercury from the water. It also removes the Bacterium, virus, and cysts. To ensure further cleansing of water, HUL technician’s added an MF membrane (Micro Filtration) that makes sure that the water is free from all the contaminants.

As I mentioned earlier, the RO + MF pureit can work with water having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm and gives you soft and tasty water.


Key Features

  • Storage tank capacity is 5 liters
  • TDS levels up to 1800ppm
  • Break Resistant Tap
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard

Some Points to note before buying the water purifier

About Five percent of the Human Body is made out of minerals and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium are much important to keep the body hydrated.

A study found that after menopause, women suffer from the consistent bone loss. Drinking Mineral water that contains calcium plays a crucial role in maintaining Bone health.

There are many health benefits of consuming Mineral water, and it helps in the maintenance of normal blood pressure level and also lowers the risk of developing heart diseases since mineral water lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol.

So, Always opt for a Reverse Osmosis water purifier that comes with TDS modulator and provides healthy drinking water for your family and kids 🙂

Your Job is not done by installing a Top Water purifier at your Home, proper care and maintenance should be taken to ensure a longer life of the water purifier.

Regular Monitoring is not required, but you should keep the surroundings of the water purifier clean. Some of the water purifiers I have mentioned above come with an auto-cleaning mechanism that can simplify your job.

All the water purifiers mentioned above comes with filter change and UV bulb change Alarms. Indicators or Alarms will ring up in case they filter expires. It is your responsibility to change the filters or else the purifiers stops functioning.

You can buy these filters and UV bulbs online at Amazon, or you can call the customer support to get the job done.

Water purifiers like Pureit Ultima and Kent will notify you about the filters change fifteen days in advance, so you have enough time to replace them.

All the RO water purifier will reject a lot of water. If you input 2 liters of water into the water purifier, you will get one liter of water will be dismissed.

You can collect the reject water in a bucket by placing the drain tube in it.

The waste water can be used to wash utensils, Watering plants and for Mopping purposes.
Always read the real customer reviews at Amazon before purchasing the water purifier online. Always consider an average rating, since every product available in the market might have a defect.

Also, select the water purifier only from reputed brands like HUL, Kent, Tata and Eureka Forbes that offers decent customer support.

The Reason why I recommend you buy water purifiers at Amazon is they provide excellent customer support and on-time delivery. If you have any queries about the Top RO water purifiers in India, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll be glad to answer them.


  1. Dear V.S.Chaitanya,
    I would like to purchase an RO+ UV water purifier with TDS Controller in place of existing Aquaguard Classic water purifier. The water supply pressure currently available ( from Nagar Samittee body) is very low to reach our kitchen. We have to use low power pump in tap line, for our water needs in the kitchen. Present Aquaguard water purifier delivers water once we switch supply pump on.
    Pl. Suggest any appropriate RO+UV purifier, which can be put directly with tap line having pumped water line.

  2. TDS of tap water ( supplied by corporation ) is 330. What should I choose ? What is HD RO? Is it really beneficial than standard RO?

    • You don’t need an RO water purifier as the TDS levels in your water are good. You can just go for a UV + UF water purifier.

    • TDS 2400 is very high. Most of the Branded water purifiers like Aquaguard Geneus, Pureit Ultima can work with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm only. It is better to contact Aquaguard, Pureit or Kent Customer service and request for the TDS test for water at your Place.

      Whirlpool Minerala RO water purifier can work with water having TDS levels up to 2500 ppm. Whirlpool is one of the world’s popular Appliances Manufacturer. I am not sure about their service regarding water purifiers.

      Check out Whirlpool Minerala (Amazon Link –

  3. Hi Chaitanya,

    I am planning to buy a ro purifier. I am a bit confused between the different brands. I am using Metro water for drinking having TDS level 350-450 ppm. Right now I am water canes. Could you please suggest me the suitable water purifier ? One of my friend told me that Pureit does not have AMC contract . is it so ?

    • I Don’t know if HUL Pureit provides Annual Maintenace Contract or not. But, the Annual Maintenance cost of an RO water purifier for a Medium Sized family is less than the AMC charges offered by Aquaguard. Normally, the AMC will be around ₹2,000 only. For Metro water having TDS levels around 400, UV + UF water purifier will be ideal. If you are unsure about the TDS levels in the water, you can also go for an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS regulator.

      Check out Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –!NNNN)

      • Thanks for the details. I think it will be better to go with RO as there could be a chance that the TDS level may increase. Can you please suggest me the ideal purifier in Aquaguard

        • It will be mentioned in the specifications. All the water purifiers I have mentioned above has a TDS Controller.

    • You can take the water to the water testing lab near your place or you can measure the TDS levels with the help of a TDS meter that costs around ₹300.

  4. Hi chaitanya,
    I am planning to buy a ro purifier. I am a bit confused between pureit classic ro+uv and livepure pep plus and aquaguard enhance ro. We have a very small area for purifier unit and we are 4 people living in the house. Can u suggest me one purifier that meet my needs

    • Aquaguard Enhance is priced a little bit higher than the other two models you have mentioned. Water Purifiers don’t occupy much space and they can be easily mounted on the Kitchen wall above your sink. You have to go for the brand that provides quick service at your place. Regarding Performance, all the models you have mentioned are good and work in a similar way.

  5. Hi.. Chaitanya..
    I am using bore water for drinking having TDS level 600-650 ppm. Right now I m using filter system having carbon cartrage, sediment and UV. But still TDS 600-650ppm. please suggestRO system require or not ? if require suggest brand name. In my family only 4 person.

    • TDS levels below 600 are okay. Anything above that, you have to consider buying an RO water purifier. Make sure you opt for an RO that comes with a TDS Regulator/Mineralizer so natural minerals in the water won’t be washed away. I have mentioned top RO models in the above post. Opt for the brand that provides quick support at your place.

  6. Hi I am using zero_B from d past 10 years nd they say water tastes good in zero b only. Now there r many players in d field nd technology looks similar. Now we want to change as we r shifting to an area where tankers r our only source of water. We saw LG top end model nd as u say pure it nd aqua guard genius r there. Can u shed some light on LG also. As we r totally confused which will be efficient considering high TDS levels.we r a family of 4 with occasional guests. We want good tank capacity not less than 7.

    • LG water purifiers are priced a bit on the higher side. Kent, Aquaguard, Pureit, and Livepure are Well Established water purifier brands. The Design of the LG water purifiers is good and they come with a Stainless Stell Tank while other brands use Food Grade ABS Plastic. The Purification Process is almost similar. Considering the price tag, the LG water purifiers are not worth for money. I am not sure about the maintenance cost and service provided by LG for Water purifiers.

    • The Alkarich Process gives Mineralized and Alkaline drinking water by increasing PH of water to alkaline mode.

  7. Hi Chaitanya bro..I have decided to buy water purifier and contacted bluebird purifier they told they have alkaline purifier it is good for health etc.. can u tell me about tat.. and also tell which one is best or I should go with bluebird.. tds level is around 1000

    • The Bluebird RO + UV + Alkarich looks good and the purification stages are similar to that of other brands. But, I am not sure about the service and performance of the Bluebird water purifiers. It is a new brand and there are not many reviews online. The Price of the Bluebird water purifiers is a little bit high when compared with well-established water purification brands like Kent, Pureit, and Livepure.

  8. Sir, I have a small family our water source the tds level is 500-600.can you plus suggest an aquaguard for healthy water…within 15000…..With yes modulator. ….

  9. Hi,
    I am getting bore well water and water TDS level is around 1250.which water purifier system is suitable?

  10. Hi Chaitanya,

    Thanks for the great info. Can you please explain that why do manufactures combine UV/UF with RO when RO alone can get the job done.?

    • UV Bulb and UF Membrane are for the Backup purpose. Even though RO Removes all the Contaminants and Hard Metals, the UV Bulb makes sure that the water is 99% free from bacteria, virus. Some Manufacturers also equip Sediment Filter and Carbon filter in water purifiers to remove suspended impurities like dust particles and chlorine. So, the Job of the RO membrane will be easier and It also improves the Life of RO Membrane.

  11. Hi, I want to buy RO water purifier. I have 3 choices Aquagaurd Enhance, Kent Grand plus, Hul pureit ultime. Please suggest which one is best in quality, service and worth money.

    • You have mentioned the top models from top water purifier brands in India. All three are good and certified by Water Quality Association. Kent Grand Plus is priced a little bit lower when compared with the other two models. You have to opt for the Brand that provides quick support at your place.

  12. I had done some study on TDS related matters and what should be the ideal TDS in drinking water. As high level of TDS in drinking water is harmful to health, it applies in reverse also. I mean low level of TDS is also harmful to health as you will not be getting required minerals for bone strength. The TDS level in the corporation water is around 250 and it is ideal also. Drinking treated water with TDS level less than 100 may not be good for health in the long run. So also , filtering candles are different for water with different TDS levels. I suggest to purchase a good TDS water tester through online and only after testing the water for TDS, suitable water purifier is to be purchased. Please note that you have to clearly specify your requirement before purchasing the unit. Please further note that TDS testers with the company persons are not reliable and they try to sell the high end model by showing wrong reading which may not be required at all in a given situation.

    • TDS of Rainwater is around 30 ppm and is considered the purest form of water. Very low TDS levels in the water are not good as it depleted calcium, magnesium. So, there is no need for an RO water purifier if the input water has TDS levels below 300. I also suggest users buy an RO that comes with a TDS Controller that retains the essential natural minerals.

  13. I have Marvella UV water purifier from Pureit HL and from the date I purchased it till today I am facing problems almost once in 2 months. To add to the problem, customer service is the worst I have ever seen. It takes appx. 3-5 working days to fix the issue. You have to follow-up at least 5-6 times with the customer case to get the issue to the closure. I will strongly recommend NOT TO BUY Marvella UV water purifier.

  14. We are supplied drinking water of TDS approx 216;I have recently purchased the HUL brand PureIt Advanced RO+UV water purifier with 5 litres​ storage capacity.The output TDS of purified water is 16.Is this too low?If so how can I attach a mineraliser or TDS modulator to this model

  15. Hello Chitanya..I would like to take waterpurifer ..I can spend 20 k but I want long life and best in the market ..please suggest me some great product and I heard if we don’t have to connect to the tap, we need some booster pump..what is it and please suggest some good booster pump in online…

    thank you

    • Booster Pump is used to increase water pressure going into the RO water purifier. In most cases, the Tap have enough water pressure to run RO unit and the booster pump is not required. If the pressure is below 45 psi, then you need to install that pump along with water purifier. So, more water will be sent into the water purifier at high pressure. If you are Planning to buy one, have a look at Hi-Tech Booster Pump For Any Ro Water Purifier at Amazon. Some of the Top Water purifiers priced around 20K are Kent Superb 9 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier, Hul Pureit Ultima and Aquaguard Geneus. Also, Have a look at the models I have mentioned above.

      • It is suitable booster for Kent grand plus – Hi-Tech RO Booster Pump 100 GPD – 24 V For any Water Purifier :ISO 9001:2008 Company

        • I think it is suitable. You can call them at 9974015850 and make sure if the Booster Pump is perfect for you.

  16. Is it sure that HUL pure it mineral ro uv has tds controller or minerlizer in it as I 6 stage chart it doesnt show tds controller or minerlizer any where. Is it ok to buy it for 380 tds water from bore well? thanks in advance.

    • Pureit Mineral RO UV can work with any source of water having TDS levels up to 1800 ppm. During the Last stage of purification, there is a Post-RO Carbon filter that adds minerals to enhance the water taste.

  17. Could you please suggest if it is worth to buy – Dr. Aquaguard Magna Nxt HD RO + UV water purifier…. is it necessary to put the power source on all the time… if I switch it off.. will I not be getting the water from the storage tank? Plz advise.

    • Aquaguard Magna Nxt HD-RO + UV is a good choice and is suitable for all kinds of water sources. You will get the water from the Storage tank even if you switch off the water purifier or there is any power cut. But, purification will be done only when the water purifier is turned on.

  18. TDs modulator or mineral guard just diverts some water before ro stage to uv or ultra filtration membrane so basically mineral guard means some water which contains minerals as well as heavy metals like lead arsenic and mercury is mixed with drinking water, if you live in polluted area ask purifier installer to set TDs emulator to minimum level
    In case of mineral sufficiency you can always adjust your diet, but heavy metal exposure is very risky and hard to cure

    • In Most of the water purifiers, 100% water passes through RO and all the harmful Metals like Arsenic, Lead and Mercury are removed from the water. In case the TDS of input water is very low, the TDS modulator adds back only the essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

    • TDS levels 2000ppm is very high. Aquaguard Geneus, Pureit Ultima water purifiers can work with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. Are you sure that the TDS is 2000?

  19. Dear Sir,
    I have Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier currently. I have recently shifted to property where bore-well water is in supply. We have called Eureka forbes service person for installation but he said the model Aquasure Crystal UV Water purifier will be of no use as our water containts 770 tds level(hardwater). He suggested us to buy Aquaguard Reviva. While searching online i came across model of HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF 5-Litre Water Filter (White).
    Which one is better and can be used lifetime as we live on rented property and have to face sometime corporation water or borwell water when we move?

    • If you get borewell water with high TDS levels, you have to install an RO water purifier at your home. Pureit Mineral RO + UV, Pureit Classic RO + MF are budget models suitable for small family and work with High TDS water up to 1500ppm. I have mentioned all the top models in the above post. Please have a look at them.

  20. Hi,
    I have zoome down on Aquaguard Superb model (RO+UV+UF+TDS) which is priced at approx 20k. The TDS in our water is approx 300-350 ppm. Should I go for the model with TDS modulator or the one without it?
    Thanks in advance – Yatin

    • You have to opt for the model that comes with TDS controller/Regulator or Mineralizer. If there is no TDS control, all the useful natural Minerals in the water will be lost.

  21. hi sir
    thanks for all info on ur blog..
    can u suggest me any good purifier which is around 10k and less wastage of water? we use all type of waters top tanks bore wells which TDS is between 550 to 800

    • If you are looking for a water purifier under Rs.10,000. Have a look at HUL Pureit 6 Litres Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier. It can work with water having high TDS levels and also there is Mineralizer.

  22. Hi
    I am Alok Mazumdar I living Cgarhhat North 24 parganas in West Bengal​. My house water source in borewell. My family members is 5 so think my house a need water purifier. Sir best water purifier is Kent or aquaguard
    Sir please suggest best ro+UV+uf+TDS system

    • Both Kent and Aquaguard are Good Brands. For a family of 5 Members, a 7-liter water purifier can do the job. If you are looking for an RO + UV + UF + TDS water purifier, Have a look at Kent Grand Plus, Aquaguard Enhance and Pureit Mineral RO UV water purifiers.

      • Kent grand plus is grand leaking purifier , it is leaking from day one but you are saying leak proof and tamper proof. If I file a suite you will go beyond bars

        • If the installation is not done properly, there will be leakage and other problems. Kent products are certified by water quality association, NSA and bureau of Indian standards. You have to make sure the product you buy is original and the installation is done by authorised technician

  23. i want to buy water purifier, in my home around 300 tds water level is their, pls suggest me can i go for pureit mineral ro uv 6 ltr or aqugard enhance or kent there any water taste difference ,my friend told that the maintenance cost is to much in kent and aqugard

    • Maintenance cost will be more when your water source is worst. The TDS levels in your water source are around 300 which is okay. Pureit Mineral RO + UV is a good option. Don’t opt for Kent Pearl. Kent ACE, Grand Plus are better models than Pearl. The Annual Maintenance cost will be around ₹1500.

  24. I am planning to buy a RO+UV purifier, and after reading the above write-up, I am sorry to tell that I more confused. I wanted a purifier which does the RO+UV purification, with less water wastage, low cost of maintenance and a storage of 7 ltr. or above.

    • There will be some water wastage with these RO water purifiers. But, you can collect the reject water via drain tube and use it for cleaning or gardening. Normally, Reverse Osmosis removes Hard Metals, Pesticides, bacterium, and other pollutants. UV is for backup purpose. Just to make sure that all the virus, cysts are dead. Kent Grand Plus, Aquaguard Genus, Pureit Ultima, Livpure Pep Pro++ are some of the top rated RO + UV water purifiers.

  25. Hi,

    We are from Chennai and a family of 2. We get corporation water with TDS cue of 330……is it hard? Also suggest me good RO…. That gives mineral water… My budget is max 15k….i see pure it classic removes all minerals as there is no mineral restoration…

    • TDS levels 330 is not much hard. But, you can opt for RO that comes with Mineralizer. Kent Grand Plus, Aquaguard Enhance, Livpure Pep Pro+ are the top models priced around your budget.

      • Hi Chaitanya,

        Thanks for your reply…. What about pureit mineral series?? Also tell me the brand with best Serivice and low maintenance…….. Is livpure reliable….. As it offers everything at a lower price……

        • Have a look at Livepure reviews at Flipkart. Most of the reviews are positive and more than 500 users rated the product 5 stars. Annual Maintenance for any RO water purifier will be around ₹2,000. If the TDS in your water is low, there is no need to change the RO membrane every year. So, the AMC will be low. Pureit Mineral series water purifiers are good and minerals will be added post purification to enhance the taste of water.

          • Also, what is the use of use of going for just pureit classic ro… If it removes all the minerals…. We should go for pureit mineral classic right?

          • There will be a Post-RO Carbon Filter and Polisher in the last stage for enhancing the taste of water.

            The Point-Of-Use Reverse Osmosis membrane system used in Pureit Classic is addressed by NSF-58 Standard designed to be used for the reduction of specific substances (Hard metals and toxic substances like pesticides). It removes the excess total dissolved salts and there will be some required minerals in the water.

  26. Is it safe to drink Ro purified water? Suggest best Uv + uf filter for my Home.water source is municipality, member in family is 4

    • RO water purifiers are suitable for High TDS water. But, if the Purifier comes with a Mineral Guard or TDS Controller, All the vital minerals will be not be lost. IF you are looking for UV + UF Model, have a look at Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier.

  27. Dear Sir,

    I have Kent 7L Ace RO+UV+UF with TDS . Is this right choice. It is bearkdowns very often and cost of maintenance ismuch more. Please advice

    • Kent ACE is a good model. Please make sure you get the service done only for by the Authorized Kent Personnel, Local dealers send third party servicemen, and they are not aware of the water purification technologies. Sometimes faulty installation will also lead to breakdowns and more AMC.

  28. Hi,

    I’m from Chennai (Vandalur) near Tambaram and my family has 5 members and want to use bore well water for drinking purpose. Are we need take a water test and then decide to go for Purifier according to the result (to know abt TDS level) ? Or else suggest me good Water purifier with best and budget oriented around 10 K. Thanks.

    • Bore Well water might have High TDS levels. So, It is better to opt for and RO + UV water purifier. HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic, Livpure Pep Pro+ are some of the best options available around 10K. No matter the TDS levels, you can opt for an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS controller So the Minerals in the water will not be lost.

      • Hi, Thanks for your reply, However, what about PUREIT MARVELLA RO SLIM WATER PURIFIER or PUREIT MINERAL RO+UV WATER PURIFIER ? it has more below options compare to Classic:

        Extent of TDS Removal (Parts Per Million 1800 to 2000)
        Digital Display Panel
        Purity Indicator
        100% ROUV
        Guided Alert System
        Soft touch water dispensing
        TDS Cartridge
        Additional Sediment Filter free

        Are all above options needed ones comapre to classic ?? Please advice. Thanks again.

        • HUL Pureit Marvella RO Slim comes with 6 Stage Purification and also the water purifier comes with a TDS modulator. But, there is no UV option. Previously, the Marvella is priced around 12K. Now it is around 10K. So, I have not mentioned it.

          • Hi,

            How about PUREIT MINERAL RO+UV WATER PURIFIER ? is it better compare to classic ? website showing 13K, is it going to be more or less ? Please advice me. Thanks again for your valuable reply.

          • It is a much better Model with Reverse Osmosis and UV combination. Removes dissolved salts, hardness, Virus, Bacteria, Pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. The six-liter storage is suitable for a medium sized family.

  29. I have a bore well water source & consuming 1000 liter to 1100 liter per day: drinking purpose 30 L + Cooking 120 L +[ Bath + shower ] 250 Liters + at wash basin 5 numbers in duplex house 150 liters per day + washing machine 200 liters per day for six incumbents + Dish washer 200 liters per day + gardening @ 10 feet X 10 feet area 150 liters per day +50 to 150 liters for house cleaning = 1000 to 1100 liters per day . Bore well water is test report is Ph-7.5, Acidity mg/L-42, Alkalinity mgL-260 ,hardness mg/L – 510, calcium mg/L – 82, CHLORIDE -MG/L – 266, COLOUR / SMELL-NIL, DO MG/L -4.90, TURBIDITY, NTU- 4.00, TDS-MG/L923, FLUORIDE MG/L- 02, IRON MG/L – 0.004 & SULPHATE MG/L 24 : Pl suggest mini home unit for obtaining good processed potable water for 1KL usage per day.

    • I am not aware of the Whole house water purification system. Also, such systems don’t work effectively. Also, It makes no sense to use Mineral water for cleaning and Gardening. You can opt for RO + UV water purifier with high storage capacity that is suitable for Drinking and cooking purpose.(Pureit Ultima, Aquaguard Geneus, kent Grand Plus) For Bathing, you can install a Geyser that comes with a water softener. Now, all the High-End Washing machines can effectively work even with Hard water.

  30. Hi Chaitanya

    could you please suggest good water purifier for school of kids ranging from LKG to 10th Standard.
    we are planning to install in our school. so we need guidance as lot of things are running in market like RO, RO+UV and so on..

    • If the water quality is Hard, then you have to opt for an RO water purifier. RO with UV or UF combination ensures that the water is completely free from dust, germs, bacterium and hard metals. Kent Elite-II has a high purification capacity up to 50 liters/hour and is suitable for commercial establishments like Schools and Offices. Have a look at the specifications:

      The Kent EliteII can work with water having high TDS levels and can also retain the natural minerals in the water. But, It might not be Suitable for schools having a higher number of children. Either you need to buy multiple RO water purifiers, or you have to opt for a commercial RO water Plant which is costly.

    • No Major brands provide cold water dispenser option for household water purifiers. But, some commercial purifiers have the option.

  31. I get water directly from public borewell for my village. It is salty. So can you suggest me a Water Purifier which preserves or regulates TDS levels. Maintenance and After Salses Service are 2 inportant criteria. No Maintenace purifiers if available are preferred. A very good After Sales Service support is an important criteria. In Amazon customer reviews I find that many reputed brands also falter in After Sales Service.

    • Kent, HUL, Aquaguard are the Top Indian Brands that provide good after sale support. You have to make sure that the service is done only by the authorized representative of the Brand. When you ask for the service, the details of the service personnel will be sent to your mobile number. Also, these brands provide quick installation and service at metro, urban towns, and cities.

      Only a UF or UV water purifier have less Maintenance cost. If you are Installing an RO water purifier at your home, you have to spend around ₹15,00 to ₹2,000 per year on that.

      As you mentioned that there are lots of salts in your water, you have to opt for a Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Aquaguard Enhance, Geneus, Live Pure Pep Pro, Kent Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima. All of them comes with TDS regulator that retains the minerals in the water. If you are on a budget, you can opt for Pureit Classic RO water purifier.

  32. HUL RO pureit reduced my water tds from 400 to 20 ppm.and it cant be controlled…20 ppm tds is good for health?…

  33. I plan to buy ro+ uv+uf+TDS control water purifier.. my budget not more than 12k.. which s the best company to buy?? And how much service charge will apply a year??

    • Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier is available for 12K. It is one of the best selling water purifiers at Flipkart, You can also consider Kent Grand Plus, Kent Ace Mineral. But, they cost Rs. 2000 more.

  34. Hi Chaitanya,
    Thanks for the valuable post.
    I wanted to know whether there is any difference between Pureit Classic (RO + UV) and Purei Marvella (RO + UV) in terms of quality of water they produce. Is it just the specification differences. Thanks, Sriniwas.

    • Pureit Classic sports a 5-liter storage tank while the Marvella RO UV comes with a 10 Litre storage tank. Also, the Pureit Marvella comes with the 15-day advance alert system and can work with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm while the classic can work with TDS levels up to 1500 ppm.

      Marvella is suitable for a Large family while the Classic is the right choice for small, medium family. There is no much difference in the purification process.

  35. I have Zero B supphire purchased 1 year 2 months back. It was not working and I requested customer care and they took more than 20 days to rectify it. Initially they told PCB to be replaced and I agreed to get it replaced. While replacing the same it is observed that, the rate of flow is less and they again told that the filter has gone and same needs to be replaced and the cost of the same is Rs 3800. Also, they advised to have annual maintenance contract for Rs 4600 where in for one year all repairs will be their responsibility.
    I was wondering is it worth to spend Rs 4500 per year to keep it operational OR better to buy the new and better one (if available) in the market.
    I am using the bore well water in Bangalore.We have 4 members in the family.
    May please suggest

  36. Hi Chaitanya,

    I appreciate for your work.

    I stay in rented house in Hyderabad and we use bore-well and municipal water daily which store in ground tank and then pump to water tank on the top from there it distribute to all the flats. I’m unable to decide which water purifier would be best for me. Could you please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    • If your water source is Bore-Well, you have to opt for an RO water purifier. If you are on a budget, opt for Pureit classic RO UV. If you are a medium/large family, opt for Kent Grand Plus or Aquaguard Geneus or Livpure Pep Pro++. Make sure you get the installation and service done only by the company representative. Not by the third party or local serviceman.

  37. Hi Chaitanya,

    I have kent UV+RO water purifier. But facing lot of issues. Believe me, i have purchased for 15000/- 3 years back. But I spent 12000/- for repairs. The major issue is servicing. We don’t have proper servicing centers in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. The 3rd party service providers are charging more. So, I vexed and decided to purchase a new one with UV+UF+RO+TDS.

    Can you suggest which one is better.


    • Most of the users are facing same problems as you. Have you contacted the Kent customer service about the issue? Here are the Address and Toll-Free Number.

      ANDHRA PRADESH – 532056
      Phone: 9278912345

      For service, repair, installation & AMC related queries, you can call Kent helpline number on 9278912345 (All Days, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm) The third party service persons might install duplicate filters which result in faulty operation of water purifier. I have listed the Best, RO UV UF water purifiers in the above post.

      Please go through it and select the model based on your requirements.

  38. Hi there, I came to know that HUL is providing 100% of water passes through RO and UV while Kent and Eureka Forbes doesn’t. So, in that way HUL is best. And which will be best between PUREIT ULTIMA RO+UV WATER PURIFIER & PUREIT MARVELLA RO+UV WATER PURIFIER. Waiting for your expert feedback. Thanks

    • There is no much difference between Ultima and Marvella models except for the design and specifications. The purification process is same. Pureit Ultima sports a modren and stylish design with LED lights. Please note that Kent, Aquaguard also employs similar water purification technology to purify the water.

  39. Hi Chaitanya,

    Could you please suggest if it is worth to buy – Dr. Aquaguard Magna Nxt HD RO + UV water purifier.

    Thanks, for your help ans suggestions.


    • I am in search of a RO+UV water purifier around 20k range.

      Kindly suggest the best one to buy here, considering the below parameters.
      1. Water dispense facility even during power cuts
      2. Conservation of essential minerals
      3. Less wastage of water
      4. Less processing noise
      5. Minimal maintenance costs.

      • Dr. Aquaguard Magna Nxt HD-RO + UV is good water purifier. It comes with 7 Litre storage tank, and the Mineral Guard can retain the natural minerals. You have much water left in the storage tank even when there is a power cut.

        For every RO water purifier, the will be some water wastage. Kent, HUL, Aquaguard has the minimal water wastage, and you can collect the reject water via drain tube and use it for washing utensils or gardening. Kent Supreme, Grand Plus, Pureit Ultima, Aquaguard Magna, Geneus are some of the best RO UV water purifiers that are priced around your budget.

  40. I want tasty and pure water…taste must be…ro purifier + uv ..I have corporation water.range 8000 rs.maintanance information.

    • Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO + UV , Kent Ace Mineral, Aquaguard Maxima RO+UV are the budget RO UV water purifiers that are priced around Rs. 9000. But, you can make use of Bank Offers at Amazon, Flipkart to save a few bucks. The Maintenance cost for these water purifiers will be around Rs 1200 – 1500 per year.


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